During workplace drug testing (and other kinds of drug testing) we often see how donor is trying to “beat the test”. Most of pot smokers sometimes try to do this and use someone else’s urine in attempt to adulterate the sample. It is one click away – you just have to ‘Google’ the phrase “how to detox from weed” to see what you can figure out and you will see a list of things that help pass a drug test.

Drug test can make anyone anxious, especially if you smoke weed and scared that it will show up in your result. Don’t stress anymore or bother yourself of what to do and how to do. You are at a perfect place to explore your answers with the help of our research.

The most common method, which is usually used in drug testing is urine analysis. This method is cheap and non-invasive, and the other important fact is that marijuana remains detectable is your urine much longer than anywhere else.

How the test is conducted?

First, the HR or another official executive schedule the employee appointment at a local drug testing facility or laboratory. The applicant for the test arrives at the appointed time, and staff provides a container to collect the sample of urine. The applicant may have been monitored, while producing the sample to ensure its authenticity.

The test results are available to the employer within a few days after the test.

What can affect the result?

There are few things that nay impact your drug test results:

  • Your personal metabolism
  • Your physical activity
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Amount and potency of weed
  • Your history of smoking
  • Your diet

How to get negative result?

drug test

Below are the most effective methods to get rid of THC in your urine and pass a drug test.


Adulteration is risky but very efficient method, which implies the tampering of a urine sample with the purpose of falsifying the results of drug test. Adulterants can dilute your urine or even destroy drug metabolites in it, thus causing false negative results in weed tests.

The following methods of urine adulteration are used:

  • Drinking large amounts amounts of water or other fluids
  • Taking zinc or creatine supplements that interfere with chemicals used in drug testing
  • Submitting clean urine from another donor or synthetic urine
  • Dilution of the sample with water from sink or toilet bowl

Take a note that drinking lots of water is not enough for passing a drug test and must be combined with other methods. Also, excessive water intake makes urine color pale, so you need to take B vitamins to keep natural appearance of your sample.


Exercising is always helpful for detox, because it burns fat and lowers your body mass. Since THC is stored in fat, workout therefore helps you to eliminate traces of weed from your body faster. However, you should not exercise too much before the test, because whenever you burn fat cells, THC metabolites return into your urine through kidneys, and can be detected by drug testing equipment again.

High-fiber diet

High-fiber diet

A high fiber diet can positively affect the absorption of many toxins including drugs taken orally, especially marijuana, and reduce their presence in the body. Hereby, a high fiber diet is very important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, preventing disorders of digestive system and other diseases. Maintaining the consistent levels of fibre in the diet will keep your drug levels stable and avoiding taking marijuana or other drugs at the same time with high fiber food could help a lot in passing a drug test. This is very helpful as most of the THC metabolites are excreted with feces.

THC detox drinks

Marijuana detox drinks are still a great option for those who are looking for a solution to pass a urine test, but make sure you select the correct ones. Most people assume that detox drink will provide the same effect as drinking a lot of water, however this is not true. Detox drinks temporarily flush out THC metabolites from your urine while simultaneously helping to restore your urine back to its normal color and chemical composition.

The bottom line

We mentioned above all the most recommended ideas for passing a urine test for marijuana, so you can relax now, and rest assured that your test is safe with these methods.

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