Cannabis is the current trend of the health and wellness industry all around the globe. Being home to an innumerable amount of therapeutic properties has made it the center of attraction for the experimental users. Started from being an expert medication to treat certain conditions, cannabis in the mid centuries lost this reputation due to its increasing recreational usage.

Although it took longer to reach where it is, gradually, people have started acknowledging its medicinal potential. The market is experiencing higher demands of cannabis products that have created a competitive atmosphere among the manufacturers. Day by day, manufacturers are striving hard to offer only the most efficient cannabis products to their customers.

But more than providing a diverse variety of cannabis products, manufacturers must focus on using high-quality marijuana bud. The unconventional strains of cannabis offer the resultant product its efficiency though what if your cannabis harvest lacks its potency to produce active strains?

The best way to ensure the potency of your cannabis plant is to nurture its harvest organically in the growth period. The manufactured product may not necessarily supply the potency that you wish to receive from your plant. Understanding this very concern has motivated a lot of people to harvest their own cannabis yield.

cannabis soil

Homegrown cannabis allows the user to reap the benefits of their organic harvest with the promise of purity and freshness. Keeping aside the benefits of homegrown harvest, cultivating cannabis is not easy at all. As much as the plant provides its users with unconventional effects, the plant also demands requirements different than the regular saplings.

The nutritional demand for cannabis is extremely eclectic. Whether you are just learning to harvest cannabis or are an experienced grower, you will always wish your harvest to grow healthy while retaining all the required benefits to furnish excellent results. In order to achieve this goal, you must acknowledge and learn the essential nutrients that are needed by your harvest.

The nutritional needs also vary with the changing growth stages of the plant, so make sure to comprehend all the fundamentals of cannabis nutrition. Here are some of the best nutrients that you can use to nurture your cannabis plant while keeping intact its proficiency well.



Nitrogen is one of the most vital ingredients that a plant demands for maintaining its healthy growth. It plays an indispensable role in the growth in the field of agricultural usage, and just like every other plant, cannabis requires it too. It is the constituent that helps in carrying out various activities within the anatomy of plants at once.

From being an active participant in amino acid while maintaining the building blocks of protein to converting the absorbed sunlight into the fuel for various parts of the plant. Nitrogen satisfies the crucial purpose of maintaining the structure of a cannabis plant to provide it with healthy growth.



Potassium is an essential nutrient to provide to your cannabis harvest during the development of the plant. Other than regulating several functions to maintain the homeostasis of the plant, potassium works efficiently to sustain the salt and water concentration inside the plant.

The nutrient aids water movement in the plant through controlling the opening and closure of stomata that, as a result, assures appropriate stability of the amount of oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide within the plant. Potassium creates resistance in the plants to withstand the brutality of nature at all times.

The leaves of your plant may seem burnt at the edges in case of a potassium deficiency, so potassium supplementation is a necessity for cannabis. Getting your hands on these supplements is pretty easy as you can find them at any franchise cannabis stores around you.



Phosphorus offers as a biological support system for your cannabis harvest due to its potency. It is a significant constituent that helps your plant to take a sturdy shape with its growth. Phosphorus is essential to trigger normal growth by promoting maturity to your harvest.

Phosphorus deficiency can be extremely problematic for your cannabis yield. From limiting the healthy growth of the roots to limiting its growth even before the flowering stage, lack of phosphorus can all together, eliminate the maturity of the plant at all.

Make sure to provide healthy phosphorus supplementation to your harvest, while you can also detect the deficiency of phosphorus by examining the purple veins of the cannabis leaf.



Magnesium is one of the ingredients that contribute to carrying out the principal task of creating fuel for the plant. It creates glucose within the plants. Magnesium is the principal molecule within the chlorophyll, which metabolizes the carbohydrates in the plant to create glucose.

Lack of glucose can cause the plant to get no energy at all. You can detect a lack of magnesium in plants through the discoloration or yellowness of the leaves. In case you do, make sure to provide sufficient magnesium supplementation to your plants.

Hydroponic nutrients

Hydroponic nutrients are applicable to your harvest when you are using the hydroponic method of cultivating cannabis. The hydroponic method offers soil-less cultivation of cannabis with the help of nutritious alternatives to the soil. Soil-less plants need more attention than the regular ones, so maintaining the balance of its nutrients is a necessity.

Mixtures such as coco coir, Rockwool, and clay pebbles are few of the substrates that are used to cultivate cannabis. These might not follow the traditional cultivation properties of soil though it still needs a large number of nutrients to trigger the growth of cannabis. Nutrients such as sulfur, manganese, boron, molybdate, chlorine, and iron are few of the many other nutrients that the cannabis plant will need under this method of cultivation.

Here are a few of the best nutrients that you must provide to your cannabis plant. Remember, proper supplementation is the key to healthy growth and even better results. Other than the nutrients, consider maintaining a stable atmosphere around your cultivation. If you are someone who is growing their cannabis indoors, then make sure to provide them with enough light and dark hours to trigger thorough growth. Following all these steps will ensure you to have dense bushes with high-potency!

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