Super Silver Haze (fem)


The Super Silver Haze strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid good for a maximum all-day high. It contains about 18% THC and .10% CBD. So, you’ll not only experience calming and relaxing effects, but you’re still able to complete important tasks during the day. This is in contrast to some other strains, which tend to cause a couch potato effect.

Super Silver Haze (fem) seeds

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Super Silver Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that provides a high all-day high. It has approximately 18% THC, and.10% of CBD. You’ll feel calm and relaxed, while still being able to do important tasks throughout the day. This contrasts with other strains that can cause a “couch potato” effect.

This sativa is a favorite of High Times magazine and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Super Silver Haze seeds can grow to tall plants that promote healing and provide major energy boosts. Regular and occasional users can use it for their recreational and medical purposes.

Growing Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze (fem) StatsFor newbies, this strain can be a little difficult to grow. Super Silver Haze plants need to be kept in a healthy indoor environment. This strain thrives in hydroponic environments. Experts or people with some experience growing cannabis will be the best to grow it.

Super Silver Haze can be grown outdoors. This requires a warm and sunny area. To thrive, marijuana plants need plenty of sunshine. Experts say this strain of cannabis yields less when grown outdoors. These cannabis seeds should be grown indoors for best results.

Flowering Time

It takes approximately 9 weeks for the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain to fully flower. When grown indoors, each plant can yield approximately 10 ounces of cannabis per square meter.

The strain is best suited for outdoor growers. It yields approximately 10 ounces of edible marijuana per plant. Harvesting occurs in mid-October.

Origin Of Super Silver Haze Strain

Super Silver Haze can be described as a feminized version of the marijuana plant. It was made by combining three strains of marijuana.

Parents of Super Silver Haze

  • Northern Lights Indica
  • Haze Sativa
  • Skunk No. 1 Hybrid

Nothern lights is an indica strain that was bred with Skunk #1, a legend, and Haze. They create an energetic, mellow euphoria when combined as Super Silver Haze. Green House Seeds bred it.

This strain has been awarded multiple Harvest Festival High Times awards and is a three time High Times first prize winner. Super Silver Haze, a cross-bred hybrid strain, is a sticky sativa with a long-lasting body high and an energetic feeling.

The Super Silver Haze Strain’s Effects

Super Silver Haze has a high level of THC. This strain provides strong euphoria and sticky THC at 18%. Users can feel the effects of this strain quickly with a small amount.

You’ll soon feel a surge of happiness after just a few tokes. After consuming this strain, many users cannot contain their laughter or smiles. Start your day with Super Silver Haze for a uplifting, enlightening experience.

These are some of the emotions you might expect to feel after smoking this cannabis strain.

  • Energeticness
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Upliftedness

Super Silver Haze will give you a clear feeling of euphoria. You will feel happy, energized and full of inspiration. This strain is very powerful and can give your creativity a boost. You won’t feel sluggish or heavy, unlike other strains.

Adverse reactions

Consuming Super Silver Haze can cause discomfort. Due to the high THC content and potency of this sativa, users can become dehydrated. This can lead to dry mouth, also known as cottonmouth.

Dry eyes may occur after you use this cannabis strain. Dry eyes and dry mouth can be treated by drinking water and other juices.

Super Silver Haze can sometimes cause paranoia in users. This can be especially true if a large amount of Super Silver Haze has been consumed. Users have complained of mild dizziness and headaches. Both of these symptoms are very rare.

Super Silver Haze Strain has medical uses

Super Silver Haze is a favorite of medical marijuana patients for many reasons. This powerful strain of cannabis is effective in managing a wide range of mental health conditions. It is a popular alternative to treatment for depression and anxiety.

You can enjoy the cerebral euphoric effects of this marijuana strain while staying clear-headed all day. This is a great medicine product that can be used to treat fatigue and stress. Patients suffering from ADD, ADHD and PTSD report significant improvement in their symptoms when they use Super Silver Haze regularly.

Super Silver Haze can also be used to treat a variety of pain conditions. It can be used by patients who want to avoid prescription pain medication and other over-the-counter pain medications. Medical marijuana is becoming more popular among doctors for chronic pain patients.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation will find it easier to live with the pain-relieving benefits of this strain. These treatments can cause pain as well as nausea and loss of appetite. This strain is very popular among doctors and dispensaries to combat the symptoms of these treatments.

The Super Silver Haze Strain’s Aroma and Taste

Super Silver Haze is a pleasant, mildly sweetening scent. The smell of sour citruses will be noticeable, giving your brain a wake-up call. People who smoke it love its sweet, skunky smell.

This strain of marijuana has a herbal flavor with a hint of spice. This sticky strain has a strong, earthy flavor that is full-bodied and accompanied by a citrus note. Super Silver Haze will leave you with a fresh, lemony aftertaste.


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