Strawberry Cough (fem)


Strawberry Cough delivers a fruity sweetness and a clear-headed high. This sativa-dominant strain of cannabis truly smells and tastes like strawberries. Its exact origin is well-disputed in the medical marijuana world. But, we do know that this strain was derived from some sort of Haze.

Strawberry Cough (fem) seeds

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Strawberry Cough has a sweet, fruity taste and a clear head. This sativa-dominant cannabis strain smells and tastes exactly like strawberry. The medical marijuana community is still unsure of the exact source. We do know, however, that this strain was created from Haze.

According to cannabis folklore, the marijuana plant was first grown in a strawberry garden. It is believed that this is where it got its distinctive fruity taste. It packs a powerful punch thanks to its 20% indica-sativa and 80% sativa blend.

This strain’s name comes from where? It triggers severe coughing attacks, and it has a strawberry aroma and taste. Uncontrollable coughing can be caused by this cannabis strain. Even the most experienced smokers can experience fits of severe coughing. This high is possible due to the 18% THC content.

Strawberry Cough: Origin

Strawberry Cough (fem) StatsStrawberry Cough’s exact source is not known, but it is certain that it was derived from the Haze strain.

The sweet taste and smell of this strain are attributed to its cultivation in a strawberry field. The strain has a slightly skunky flavor.

Strawberry Cough was initially only available as an clone. However, the Netherlands has now developed a seed-form for Strawberry Cough.

This strain is loved by both growers and smokers, regardless of origin.

It produces a feeling of happiness, euphoria and without being too strong, so it’s not surprising that a seed version was created.

Taste And Aroma

Strawberry Cough is sweet and reminiscent of fresh strawberries, as its name implies. It has a light, fruity flavor, but it can leave users with a mild cough.

This strain offers a very pleasant aroma. You will experience a cerebral high that is accompanied by the aroma of fresh strawberries in a field.

It lingers in your air and reminds you of fresh fruits and an earthy tang. There will be a pleasant sweetness and hints of herbs.

Strawberry Cough will immediately give off a sweet and flavorful explosion to your taste buds. Its earthy, spicy taste will stay in your mouth for a long time. This strain of cannabis can remind you of sweet strawberries.

Strawberry Cough Strain and its effects

Strawberry Cough is a slow-acting, mellow strain of marijuana that might suit those who are looking for a relaxing, slow-acting strain. Although it isn’t usually potent, it can be. It is believed to give you a gradual, easy way to feel euphoric and happy. This is why medical marijuana users love it.

Strawberry Cough users report feeling relaxed, energized and even euphoric at the same moment. The biggest effect, which is a feeling of happiness, can be observed in nearly all smokers. This is the best type of marijuana to smoke if you want to feel a light high with undertones that can bring joy and allow you to function.

Strawberry Cough is a uplifting, uplifting, and not sedating experience. You can get work done throughout the day because the high is fairly consistent. This strain can make you cough in just one hit. After smoking this strain, you may feel a slight tingling sensation in the throat. The high is pure joy once it passes.

Strawberry Cough is believed to have a remarkable benefit for those who experience anxiety and stress. This is the best strain for those who want a sweet, smooth taste that makes them feel calm and relaxed.

Adverse reactions

There are always negative side effects to good things. Strawberry Cough isn’t known for its negative side effects, which aren’t enough to discourage smokers from using it. Even the most experienced users will experience a constant cough from this strain of marijuana. However, the cough is not as bad as it sounds.

Dry mouth is the most common reaction, also known by the name cotton mouth. This can be quickly treated by drinking extra liquids after smoking.

Dry eyes can be another side effect. However, this side effect is short-lasting and not as severe. If you need to use eye drops, they may be helpful.

Strawberry Cough can cause paranoia and anxiety in rare cases. These effects may not be common.

Strawberry Cough Strain has medical uses

Strawberry Cough has 0.20% CBD which makes it an effective strain for medical purposes. This strain has a calming effect and is commonly used to treat stress and anxiety.

People who suffer from high stress levels often find relief by adding this strain to their anti-anxiety regimen. Many medical marijuana patients have stopped taking anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication and now only use this strain to treat their ailments.

Strawberry Cough can be used to treat depression. Because it induces happiness and euphoria, users can also use Strawberry Cough. This strain is lighter than most other types of highs, so smokers can function throughout the day without becoming groggy, lethargic, or bogged down.

Strawberry Cough Strain Growing

Strawberry Cough is very easy to grow. You don’t have to train Strawberry Cough as it naturally grows bushy. It is easy to maintain, but it needs to be pruned of any unnecessary leaves and given a breeze to help it grow. It is possible to increase the yield by adding organic nutrients to your soil.

It can grow to mid-height, and it has a high yield of up to 14 ounces/square meter indoors or outdoors. It takes indoor growers about 9-10 weeks to flower. Outdoor growers can harvest in October.


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