Purple Haze (fem)


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Purple Haze was made world famous after the legendary rock star Jimi Hendrix dedicated a song to it in 1967. With 70% sativa and 30% indica, this strain will leave you floating on purple clouds, with a spirited, uplifting mood all day. This sativa-dominant cannabis delivers a euphoria that transports you back to the Woodstock Life of the love-induced 1960s.

Purple Haze (fem)


Purple Haze was made world famous after the legendary rock star Jimi Hendrix dedicated a song to it in 1967. With 70% sativa and 30% indica, this strain will leave you floating on purple clouds, with a spirited, uplifting mood all day. This sativa-dominant cannabis delivers a euphoria that transports you back to the Woodstock Life of the love-induced 1960s.

Enjoy the psychedelic technicolor state this strain provides. It offers a fragrant presence and fruity notes. And, true to its name, you’ll detect vibrant lavender hues when smoking Purple Haze. It packs a powerful with its up to 20% THC contents. Plus, it contains 0.10% CBD and medicinal properties that make it an effective source of medical treatment for various ailments.

Purple Haze feminized seeds are very easy to cultivate. So, this is the perfect strain for first-time growers. These cannabis plants have a high resistance to diseases, making them suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. They are high-yielding plants, which take about 65 days (about 9-10 weeks) to flower. When using this marijuana strain, prepare yourself for an entire day of blissful contentment and awakened creativity all day long.

Growing Purple Haze

Purple Haze (fem) StatsPurple Haze seeds are easy to cultivate because they grow into plants that are highly resistant to diseases. These plants are shorter than many other sativa-dominant strains.

Yet, they are still quite tall. Purple Haze delivers bright green leaves covered in bright, orange hairs. It’s dense, sticky buds are coated with loads of thick trichomes.

This strain of cannabis can flourish in northern climates. However, expert growers recommend planting these cannabis seeds in Mediterranean, sunny, warmer climates for the best growth potential.

To optimize climates for indoor growing, use a well-engineered soil or some type of hydroponic system.

When growing Purple Haze feminized seeds indoors, expect to yield about 19 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter.

Flowering time is about 9 weeks. Outdoor growing requires a lot of sunshine for high-yields.

Expect your crops to yield about 14 ounces of usable marijuana per plant. Harvest will take place sometime in late October.

Origin Of Purple Haze Strain

The exact origins of Purple Haze are debatable. But, most cannabis experts believe it comes from parent strains,

Haze and Purple Thai. It’s believed that’s where it gets it mix of earthy and sweet flavors, along with notes of sharp spice and berry undertones.

Purple Haze marijuana was made famous in 1967, thanks to the classic dedication to it by musician and cannabis-lover Jimi Hendrix. It was named after its vibrant lavender-colored hues.

Effects Of Purple Haze Strain

If you’re looking for a powerful strain of cannabis that elevates your mood, Purple Haze is a great choice! It delivers a colorful psychedelic euphoria that makes you happy while lifting your spirits. Expect to feel positive, with bursts of uncontrollable giggles. You’ll find yourself feeling elated and ready to take on the joys of the day or a night out on the town.

Purple Haze gives you a long-lasting, energetic buzz, with a smooth, mellow come down. So, you’re not left feeling drained and couch-stuck. Experience this full body high, with a psychedelic soaring effect. Once the indica high takes effect, you’ll find yourself in a reflective state, filled with blissful contentment and awakened creativity.

This strain of marijuana delivers high-energy stimulation. You’re left feeling sociable and talkative, making it a very good strain for the naturally shy. It gives you the mental freedom to put your inhibitions aside, so you can completely relax. If you want to inspire creativity within yourself, Purple Haze is the cannabis strain for you. Turn to the strain for a “take a toke” and “get up and get stuff done” type of marijuana.

The Effects At-A-Glance

Purple Haze brings on a euphoria that delivers some awesome, positive feelings, including but not limited to:

  • Creativity
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Upliftedness

Adverse Reactions

Sometimes, consumers of Purple Haze have some adverse reactions to the strain. This is particularly the case when consumed in high dosages. Some of these side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Minor paranoia
  • Small headache
  • Parched or dry mouth (cotton mouth)

In the case of cotton mouth, cannabis experts suggest staying hydrated while smoking this marijuana strain.

Medical Uses For Purple Haze Strain

Purple Haze is absolutely amazing as a medical cannabis strain. It effectively regulates mood swings, so you stay in control of emotional highs and lows. This strain helps medical marijuana patients feel uplifted and supported, without the adverse side effects and heavy “loaded” feelings that accompany prescription drugs. It is very effective at treating depression, anxiety, and nervousness.

Purple Haze is also a powerful medicinal tool for combatting chronic stress. It helps curb restlessness while inducing relaxed, calm states of mind. This makes it an effective medical cannabis strain for those suffering from insomnia.

This strain causes the munchies, so it effectively treats loss of appetite and nausea. And, because of its ability to energize and uplift, this strain is perfect for treating fatigue. This medical marijuana strain has also successfully treated patients suffering from chronic pain that’s debilitating to their lives. Some of these types of pain include:

  • Joint pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • Migraines

Taste And Aroma Of Purple Haze Strain

The Purple Haze marijuana strain has a fragrant note filled with strong scents indicative of the upcoming high. It delivers a rich smell, with shocking earthiness. This strain’s aroma is much like that of freshly picked blueberries, which overpowers your senses. If you like the smell of spicy, sweet, blueberry fruitiness, you’ll love this strain of cannabis.

Purple Haze tastes of awesome goodness, just like it smells. Prepare yourself for the exotic heritage of the strain’s fruity sweetness. When smoking it, you’ll detect a mixture of sweetness and spice. Its grape aftertaste will stay on your pallet for quite a while. If you enjoy the taste of fresh picked grapes and blueberries, this is the marijuana strain for you.

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