Pure Indica (fem)

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As far as marijuana strains go, pure indicas are quite rare. This strain is a favorite for many. It generally gives its user a sense of floating, while their body remains glued to the couch in a delightfully enjoyable way.

Pure Indica (fem) seeds


As far as marijuana strains go, pure indicas are quite rare. This strain is a favorite for many. It generally gives its user a sense of floating, while their body remains glued to the couch in a delightfully enjoyable way.

As its name implies, this strain is 100% Indica. This pure strain does an excellent job of fighting off certain types of symptoms and ailments, making it the product of choice for some medical patients. The plant itself is rather small and compact.

Growing Pure Indica Strain Of Medical Marijuana

Pure Indica (fem) StatsJust like any Indica dominant plant, this Pure Indica won’t get to the staggeringly tall heights of a Sativa dominant strain. This Pure Indica strain will only grow to approximately 32 inches in height (2.7 feet), unlike Sativas which can reach 7 or 8 feet.

The flowering period of Pure Indica is average, coming in at around 56 days most of the time. An “average” climate is perfect — not insanely balmy, but not too cold either.

It can be grown outdoors or indoors with decent amounts of success, although it isn’t always recommended for beginners who have never grown marijuana before.

Origin Of Pure Indica Strain

The Pure Indica is exactly how it sounds — 100% Indica. A signature Robert Bergman strain, it has fairly moderate levels of THC as well as an uplifting, relaxing high. Like other Indicas, it is a compact plant and will exhibit typical Indica traits (many of which are only partially visible in hybrids).

Effects Of Pure Indica Strain

The Pure Indica Strain has medium to low levels of THC — it measures in at about 14%. It stimulates a relaxing and uplifting high, which is perfect for recreational use. Creativity, euphoria, and pain relief are all effects of Pure Indica.

Because of its relaxation and uplifting qualities, it is an excellent way to calm down after a stressful day. It may lock you to your couch, but you will feel happy, comfortable, and relaxed because of it.

In general, it is not recommended to smoke this strain at the start of the day before going to work or needing to be productive for some other reason (as it won’t have much of a helpful effect in terms of focus or productivity).

Medical Uses For Pure Indica Strain

Although it isn’t recommended to smoke Pure Indica before work, it won’t stop you from being able to function normally. Instead, it allows the brain and body to relax in a way that doesn’t cause sleepiness — and yet at the same time, it does an excellent job of combating insomnia.

It also helps with pain relief, namely because of its relaxing effects. Predictably, it does wonders for any kind of muscle spasms, since it relaxes those very muscles. Its medium CBD levels also help a lot with pain relief.

Medical Uses for Physical Ailments

  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain
  • Migraines

Medical Uses for Psychological Ailments

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress

Taste And Aroma Of Pure Indica Strain

Pure Indica has some delightful smells and tastes. It is best known for being rather sweet as well as earthy and fruity. Users report tasting a variety of fruits, including tart or bitter undertones, but overall this strain has an easy, sweet taste and smell. You may even detect some spiciness, and some have even reported a sour smell along with it. Most of all, pure indica has a deliciously fruity taste and aroma.

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