Pure Indica (fem)


As far as marijuana strains go, pure indicas are quite rare. This strain is a favorite for many. It generally gives its user a sense of floating, while their body remains glued to the couch in a delightfully enjoyable way.

Pure Indica (fem) seeds

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As far as marijuana strains go, pure indicas are quite rare. This is a popular strain. This strain is loved by many because it gives the user a feeling of floating while keeping their body glued to the couch in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

This strain is 100% Indica, as the name suggests. This pure strain is able to fight off certain symptoms and conditions, making it the best choice for medical patients. The plant is quite small and compact.

Medical Marijuana: Pure Indica Cannabis Strain

Pure Indica (fem) StatsThis Pure Indica will not grow to the same height as a Sativa dominant Indica plant. The Pure Indica strain can only grow to 32 inches (2.7 feet) in height, unlike Sativas that can grow up to 7 or 8 feet.

Pure Indica’s flowering time is approximately 56 days. A “average” climate is ideal — not too hot, but not too cold.

You can grow it indoors or outdoors with good results. However, beginners who have never tried marijuana before may not be able to do so.

Origin Of Pure Indica Strain

Pure Indica sounds exactly like it does — 100% Indica. It is Robert Bergman’s signature strain. It has moderate amounts of THC and a relaxing, uplifting high. It is compact and displays typical Indica traits, many of which are not visible in hybrids.

Effects Of Pure Indica Strain

Pure Indica Strain contains medium to low levels THC, measuring in at around 14%. This strain is ideal for recreational use as it produces a relaxing, uplifting high. Pure Indica can produce creativity, euphoria and pain relief.

It is a great way to relax after a stressful day. Although it may make you feel trapped on your couch, you’ll be happy, relaxed, and comfortable because of it.

It is generally not recommended that you smoke this strain before you go to work, or if you need to be productive for any other reason.

Medical uses for pure Indica strain

It is not recommended that you smoke Pure Indica before going to work. However, this won’t prevent you from functioning normally. It relaxes the brain and body in a way that doesn’t cause sleepiness, and it also does a great job at combating insomnia.

Because of its relaxing properties, it can also help with pain relief. It works wonders for muscle spasms of any type, as it relaxes them. The medium CBD levels of this herb can also provide pain relief.

For physical ailments, medical uses

  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain
  • Migraines

For psychological disorders, there are medical uses

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress

Taste And Aroma Of Pure Indica Strain

Pure Indica is known for its wonderful smells and delicious tastes. Pure Indica is known for its sweet, earthy, and fruity taste. Although users report tasting different fruits, some say it has bitter undertones. However, the strain is known for its easy-to-smell, sweet taste. Some users report a slight spiciness and others a strong sour taste. Pure indica is known for its deliciously fruity aroma and taste.


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