NYC Diesel (fem)

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NYC Diesel is a fave among the creatives and artists communities because of its fruitiness. This hybrid is known to uplift users while inspiring the creative mind. Best of all, there’s no couch lock or heavy body high.

NYC Diesel (fem) seeds


NYC Diesel is a fave among the creatives and artists communities because of its fruitiness. This hybrid is known to uplift users while inspiring the creative mind. Best of all, there’s no couch lock or heavy body high.

With a THC level of 20%, NYC Diesel is the dream cannabis strain for those seeking to bring out their own creativity. This award-winning marijuana strain has won several trophies for its quality as the experts agree it is one of the best.

Origin Of NYC Diesel Strain

NYC Diesel (fem) StatsThis funky strain is one of the best marijuana hybrids on the market. It was bred by Soma Sacred Seed and is a product of the Afghani and Mexican parent strains. The hybrid’s makeup is 60% sativa and 40% indicia.

NYC Diesel can contain up to 0.20% CBD. So, it’s also a popular strain on the medical marijuana market.

There are rumors that this mysterious strain may also have been derived from the infamous Sour Diesel hybrid. This bud was created by crossing Hawaiian sativa with Afghani indica. Either way, it is very potent.

NYC diesel can be bought from coffee shops, weed markets and medical marijuana dispensaries around the world.

Effects Of NYC Diesel Kush Strain

NYC Diesel makes an individual happy and very talkative, making this strain a great choice for social events. It has a paranoia-free effect that lures most anxious customers to buy it. This type of marijuana induces energy, making the user very active and alert.

If you’re looking for potent bud, this strain of cannabis is it. It offers lush flavors that are sweet and citrusy. This sativa-dominant strain induces happy feelings, by delivering an energetic high.

You’ll experience an uplifting, mild-body, clear-headed euphoria-inducing high. Get ready to enjoy boosts of positive energy and bouts and laughter.

NYC Diesel has an effect that uplifts the user. It is strongly cerebral but eases into deep full-body relaxation over time. This cannabis strain induces a euphoric effect which makes it the right choice to use after a long day of tedious work.

Adverse Reactions

Its side effects are relative to the amount of time one has used the strain. For amateurs, slight dizziness has been noted, but it doesn’t last very long at all. Anxiety is also associated with NYC diesel strain. Dehydration is one of the major setbacks as far as the effect of this cannabis. This is usually evident with dry eyes and mouth.

At times, that dryness in the eyes may lead to a mild itching. This, however, can be avoided by drinking lots of water and fluids while smoking or consuming this strain. Rarely, this hybrid may make users feel paranoid about the surroundings.

Medical Uses Of NYC Diesel Kush Strain

The cannabis medical community uses NYC diesel to treat several ailments. It is recommended by medical marijuana dispensaries for symptoms related to:

  • Inflammation
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Stress disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of appetite
  • Chronic nausea

This hybrid contains 0.20% CBD, making it a very effective choice as a medical cannabis product. Because it tends to cause the munchies or a sense of deep hunger, it’s used to treat chronic nausea. So, it’s a very critical part of the healing process of cancer patients going through chemotherapy or radiation. This strain really cures a lack of appetite.

NYC Diesel has a way of making you feel happy while bringing out the creativity in you. So, it successfully helps you conquer feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. And, because it makes you feel energetic, it also helps put an end to fatigue.

The CBD in this strain has been very successful at managing, and in some cases, eliminating pain. So, those suffering from chronic, debilitating pain, as well as inflammations, can benefit greatly from this strain.

Taste And Aroma Of NYC Diesel Strain

NYC Diesel has pungent lime and grapefruit aroma, which is a mark of the high-quality weed. Some say it smells much like a variant of the Sour Diesel strain, which reeks of the strong smell of diesel fuel. However, there’s a hint of fruity fragrance that fills the air with each toke. Get ready for a powerful aroma that’s earthy, pungent and sweet.

Much like that of tangy, citrusy fruits, this strain tastes sour. You’ll enjoy the pungent flavors that fill your mouth combined with the taste of sweet limes. And, the aftertaste won’t disappoint you at all. Prepare your palette for the lingering, unique flavor of fresh grapefruit.

Growing NYC Diesel Strain Of Medical Marijuana

NYC Diesel is a strain that can flourish both indoors and outdoors, but it will require a little work. If grown indoors, a stable climate should be maintained to ensure a quality grow. A warm and dry climate is best in case the strain is grown outside. The state of the soil also matters as it requires both macro and micronutrients to thrive well. During the flowering period, it is very important for the soil to be enriched with phosphorus.

Topping the plant during the vegetation cycle will be required. This ensures that the plant grows bushy, forming the desired canopy to maximize yields. Pruning the herb is also very necessary for purposes of great free airflow and to also ensure nutrients reach their required destinations.

It takes NYC Diesel 9 to 11 weeks to flower when grown indoors. This strain produces a high yield and has a growth difficulty that is moderate meaning any farmer can manage to grow it. Indoor growers should expect to yield about 14 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter.

In terms of size, leave plenty of vertical space. This plant can grow quite tall if well-bred. Expect a yield of about 12 ounces of usable marijuana per plant when cultivated outdoors. You should be ready for a full harvest sometime during early November.

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