LSD (fem)

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The LSD strain of marijuana delivers a light-minded, heavy-body high. This marijuana will move you to sit yourself down and intensely enjoy the feelings of euphoria that it brings. You’ll discover multiple stages of high with this hybrid strain with its makeup of 45% indica and 55% sativa.

LSD (fem) seeds

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The LSD strain of marijuana delivers a light-minded, heavy-body high. This marijuana will move you to sit yourself down and intensely enjoy the feelings of euphoria that it brings. You’ll discover multiple stages of high with this hybrid strain with its makeup of 45% indica and 55% sativa.

This strain is a favorite of the medical marijuana community because of its high CBD levels of up to 5%. Its suggestive name comes from the psychedelic euphoria it delivers, which some say is much like an acid trip. The indica-dominant strain was created using parents super-strain Skunk #1 and Mazar.

The high is so intense it creates a heavy-body sensation. With 24% THC, it will really uplift you and put you in an upbeat, good mood. Because its THC and CBD levels are so high, this strain is not for the meek at heart or newbie smokers. Its effects are strong, and they set in hard and heavy. This award-winning hybrid smells sweet and tastes herbal and citrusy.

Origin Of The LSD Strain

LSD (fem) StatsLSD cannabis was created in the Netherlands. It is a cross of the Mazar strain and the legendary super-strain known as Skunk #1. By fusing these two strains together, breeders created this award-winning pot, making it world-renowned thanks to its intense high.

The strain was named LSD after the drug also known as acid. Some say its euphoria is so intense that it resembles what many know as an acid trip.

Effects Of The LSD Strain Of Cannabis

With the LSD marijuana strain, you’ll enjoy intense feelings of happiness. It delivers an invigorating mental high that will leave your mind feeling soothed so that you can completely unwind and relax.

Once that high kicks in, a heavy body high that only indica can delivery follows. Prepare yourself, because you’ll feel so relaxed you’ll be physically slow and stuck.

Much like its name suggests, LSD is one potent marijuana strain. It’s THC levels are known to be up to 24%, proving this claim.

And, it has some very practical medicinal properties, thanks to its CBD levels between 2% to 5%. This cannabis will leave you feeling elevated, both physically and mentally.

With the LSD strain of cannabis, you can expect a euphoria that settles in quite quickly. You’re guaranteed to end up feeling happy vibes and an uplifted mood.

This strain has been known to spark creativity and inspire users to use their imaginations. Prepare yourself for a warm, uplifting feeling surrounded by pure happy thoughts.

Adverse Reactions

Because of the potency of the LSD strain of cannabis, it should be used in reasonable doses. Some users have reported slight feelings of paranoia after consuming too much of this bud. There are also rare cases of anxiety and slight dizzy bouts.

This sativa-dominant strain may leave you a bit parched with feelings of dry or cotton mouth. Simply drink lots of liquids to keep yourself hydrated during and after smoking LSD weed. You may also experience itchy, dry eyes, which can be combatted with eye drops.

Even for experienced smokers, this bud is strong. So, newbie and amateur smokers should take caution. If the initial euphoria doesn’t surprise them, the eventual couch lock will.

Medical Uses For LSD Strain

The LSD strain is very popular with medical marijuana dispensaries and others within the medical cannabis community. Because of its high CBD and THC levels, it carries some beneficial medicinal properties.

Chronic stress is easily combatted with this cannabis strain because it has properties that cause you to relax. This also leads to mental stimulation that helps to manage anxiety and depression. That’s because it clears your mind, and sends you into a state of body heavy high.

You will find yourself no longer having fluctuating thoughts that lead to stress and anxiety. Instead, you’ll sink into the current moment in time, and feel much more euphoric and enlightened.

Medical marijuana patients who suffer from debilitating, chronic pain can benefit from the LSD strain. It has some powerful properties that give it the ability to kill pain. It’s an effective painkiller against various types of pain, including but not limited to:

  • Joint pains
  • Muscle spasms
  • Back pains
  • Migraines
  • PMS
  • Cramps

There are also sativa properties in this indica-dominant hybrid that helps energize. This is why it comes highly recommended by medical cannabis dispensaries for patients suffering from fatigue.

Taste And Aroma Of LSD Strain Of Marijuana

LSD marijuana is a bud with a pungent aroma much like that of earthy, fresh flowers. You’ll smell an aroma that’s skunky-sweet and slightly herbal, yet pleasant to the nose.

And, it tastes so much like it smells… skunky and sweet with earthy after tones. Prepare yourself for a citrus explosion –  some users describe smoking LSD cannabis as a blend of “sweet and sour” flavors with a touch of earthy-lemon.

Growing LSD Strain Of Marijuana

Although the effects are strong, it’s not that difficult to grow this strain. The LSD strain of marijuana has a natural resistance to most common parasites and pests. It also has pretty generous yields since it’s such an easy-growing bud. You can grow in most spaces too. Your plants will be short and will require very low maintenance.

LSD can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoor growers will harvest their crops in about 9-10 weeks when the plants are fully-flowered and ready for picking. Growing indoors, you can yield about 21 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter.

When growing LSD outdoors, make sure the grow site is sheltered. This plant needs to have access to a lot of sunshine and warmth for maximum yield potential. Full-flowering and harvesting will take place sometime in med-September. Expect yields of about 18 ounces of usable bud per plant.


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