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Jack Herer is a cannabis strain that offers a clear-headed high and plenty of happy feelings. This 80/20 sativa-dominant bud soothes you, making you feel calm and relaxed. It’s a popular strain for treating various physical and mental conditions, including chronic nausea caused by cancer-fighting treatments.

Jack Herer Autoflower seeds

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Jack Herer is a cannabis strain that offers a clear-headed high and plenty of happy feelings. This 80/20 sativa-dominant bud soothes you, making you feel calm and relaxed. It’s a popular strain for treating various physical and mental conditions, including chronic nausea caused by cancer-fighting treatments.

This marijuana was named after a great cannabis activist and author named Jack Herer. It’s a world-famous strain containing the perfect blend of sativa and indica. Growing it is easy, even for amateurs and those new to growing marijuana. THC levels are high, at 20%, with medium CBD levels of about 0.2%. These plants thrive will both indoors and outdoors in dry, Mediterranean climate.


Origin Of Jack Herer

The marijuana strain known as Jack Herer earned its name as homage to the best-selling, world-famous author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Mr. Herer was also a legendary cannabis activist of his time.

Jack Herer was originally bred and cultivated by Sensi Seeds as a medical cannabis strain. It features superior genetics designed to trigger soothing feelings and happy thoughts after consuming it. Created in the mid-1990s in Holland, it’s gained a lot of fan fair throughout the years, much like its namesake.

Jack Herer hybrid is a combination of the following other strains of cannabis:

  • Haze Sativa
  • Shiva Indica
  • Skunk Indica
  • Northern Lights #5 Indica


Its rich genetic background led to multiple variations of the strain. Today, it’s now widely recognized as a medical-grade of marijuana by Dutch Pharmacies. The strain has won multiple awards for its quality and potency.


Effects Of Jack Herer

If a mellow body high that kicks in immediately is what you ‘re looking for, Jack Herer is the strain for you. Not only will you feel the euphoria immediately, but it’s also sure to last an extremely long time. You’ll experience bouts of silliness, as well as enhanced vision and creativity. A light-headed type of euphoria has also been reported by smokers of this strain.

With an 80% sativa level, this potent marijuana leaves you feeling vividly high and really happy. Prepare for an uplifted mood, a relaxed body and mind, and bouts of laughter and giggles, after just a couple tokes. Although the high is strong, it’s definitely not overpowering.

Wash away your fatigue and feelings of dreariness. Instead, you’ll; find yourself feeling energetic and ready to have a good time. The body high is mellow and light, so you’re not left stuck on the couch, or feeling “stuck” in your mind.

Users and smokers of this strain enjoy the cerebral sense of euphoria that kicks in almost instantly. This cannabis comes highly recommended to users who want to stimulate creativity. And, it’s energizing!. Use it to get you all pumped up for a meeting, social event or a night at on the town.

Adverse Reactions

There are a limited number of side effects of Jack Herer. Dry mouth, also known as cottonmouth, is the most common adverse reaction. Drink plenty of liquids when using this strain to combat the issue. You may also experience dry, red eyes. If this becomes a problem, try using eye drops.

This strain has also been known to cause mild cases of anxiety. This is especially true for those already suffering from the condition before taking in the cannabis. Paranoia has also been reported, although in very rare cases. Those who aren’t used to using potent marijuana may experience slight dizzy sensations.


Medical Uses For Jack Herer

Jack Herer was originally developed for medicinal purposes. To this day, it’s still highly recommended by cannabis clubs and medical marijuana dispensaries as a morning medication. Because of it tends to uplift your mood and create happy feelings, it’s recommended to medical cannabis patients suffering from:

  • Depression
  • Anxieties
  • Nervousness
  • Stress Disorders


This strain is also very effective at boosting energy levels. It gives the user an enjoyable high, with a mild numbing feeling. Because of this, it is an effective go-to-choice for patients suffering from:

  • Lethargy
  • Chronic Fatigue


With such a high THC level, (20%), this cannabis is a lot stronger than most others on the market. The release is cerebral, leaving you with a sense of creativity. This strain, which contains medium CBD levels, helps you become more at ease, making it an excellent pot strain for headaches and migraines.


Taste And Aroma Of Jack Herer

As soon as Jack Herer hits the air, you’ll detect an aroma reminiscent of pine and spice. Its scent is inviting and appealing to the palette. There’s an earthy base, along with hints of lemon juice and orange juice. You may even detect a whiff of cake, as well as a tiny whiff of pepper.

When smoking this cannabis strain, expect the flavors of earthy pine. You’ll also taste a bit of spice, accompanied by a hint of pepper. Its aftertaste is aromatic and naturally sweet. Some users report tasting tropical fruit salad flavors, that come with a sharp, saucy, spicy bite.


Growing Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most respected strains in the world. It’s also one of the most grown strains around the globe. According to savvy marijuana cultivators, it’s a “grower’s dream.”

Jack Herer is available as an autoflowering strain. Therefore, it doesn’t require a certain amount of daylight each day to flourish. Instead, it automatically switches from vegetative to flowering stages on its own. So, the plants will flower and be ready for harvest very fast.

The buds are high-quality and extremely resistant to most of the diseases which commonly threaten crops. This is one reason why these compact plants are so easy to cultivate and is a “dream” to grow, both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor growers should expect this high-yielding plant to be ready for harvest in as little as 8-10 weeks. Yields will be about 5 ounces of cannabis per square meter of grow space. Outdoor cultivators of Jack Herer should be ready for harvesting between the end of September and the beginning of October. Your yields should be about 5 ounces of usable cannabis per plant.


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