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Although the name can be deceiving, the Green Crack strain is 100% pure marijuana. This hybrid was originally called Cush or Green Kush. But, due to its light-bodied, uplifting high, famous California rapper Snoop Dogg dubbed it Green Crack. It’s a 100% indica strain, which delivers a tangy, mango flavor and an energetic high.

Green Crack (fem) seeds


Although the name can be deceiving, the Green Crack strain is 100% pure marijuana. This hybrid was originally called Cush or Green Kush. But, due to its light-bodied, uplifting high, famous California rapper Snoop Dogg dubbed it Green Crack. It’s a 100% indica strain, which delivers a tangy, mango flavor and an energetic high.

The feminized strain of marijuana known as Green Crack gives users a mental buzz while eliminating stress. It contains low CBD levels of 0.10% and very high levels of THC, reportedly up to 22%. However, users aren’t left with a couch-lock high and can continue to remain focused throughout the day.

Green Crack cannabis will leave you energized and focused with a steady and invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. Growing this marijuana strain is fairly easy in Mediterranean like climates, and it can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Seeds grow into tall, high-yielding plants. Beginners will have no problem growing this strain of cannabis.

Growing Green Crack

Green Crack (fem) StatsGrowing Green Crack is straightforward. These cannabis seeds are flexible enough to be grown indoors or outdoors. However, it can grow as tall as 65 inches (about 5 ½ feet).

So, it flourishes best and yields more when cultivated outdoors, as this gives it more room to stretch high. The flowering time for this marijuana strain averages about 65 days.

This strain of marijuana has a sensitivity to powdery mildew. So, expert cultivators recommend growing Green Crack in areas with low humidity levels. When growing this cannabis strain outdoors, be sure the climate is balmy and Mediterranean.

Flowering Time

Keep in mind that Green Crack seedlings and plants need high amounts of air circulation when growing indoors. If the conditions are right, these cannabis seeds will flower in about 7-9 weeks. Expect to yield around 18 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter.

Planting Green Crack marijuana seeds outdoors will increase your yields to about 20 ounces of usable cannabis per plant. They will be ready for harvesting between late September and early October.

Origin Of Green Crack

Over the years, the Green Crack strain has branched off into two different genetic lineages. Rumors have it that this pure indica strain was also derived from a popular Afghani strain. This explains the plant’s tight buds.

Fans of Skunk #1 also love its child strain Green Crack because of its high-quality grade. Another rumor is that it was created by crossing a Sweet Leaf mellow indica with Skunk #1. Because of its name, which perpetuates negative connotations, some users of Green Crack prefer to call the strand Green Cush or simply Cush instead.

Effects Of Green Crack

The Green Crack strain of cannabis is one of the most popular on the market. It earned this much-deserved title by delivering a powerful head euphoria. This joyful high comes with feelings of being comfortable and relaxed, one of its strongest traits. Users enjoy energetic boosts without the heavy body feeling when consuming this cannabis strain.

Green Crack allows you to feel both creative and inspired, making it an excellent strain for artistic types. You’ll enjoy a feel-good mood while remaining energized and staying focused. Turn to this strain to help you start your day, replacing your morning cup of coffee and avoiding caffeine highs and lows.

This marijuana strain produces a cerebral, stimulating high, which allows you to remain focused. Experts recommend Green Crack for those in need of a little boost. It’s a reliable choice for those who need to clean, build, run errands or complete other important tasks throughout the day.

Unlike many other strains of marijuana, Green Crack does not cause the munchies for most consumers and it’s high won’t last for hours. This trait is unique when it comes to cannabis, making this strain even more popular within the medical marijuana market.

Adverse Reactions

There are very few negative effects of the Green Crack cannabis strain. You may experience dry eyes and sensations of cotton mouth. This may leave you feeling a bit dehydrated, which can be combatted with lots of fluids.

Some users have reported feeling mildly nervous or a little paranoid. This may also come with a headache.

Medical Uses For Green Crack

Green Crack lets you fully relax, without feeling lethargic or drowsy. This makes it a very effective medicinal choice for medical cannabis patients who lead busy lives. It contains properties that induce happiness, promoting both joyfulness and self-confidence. Therefore, it’s also a great choice for treating depression and stress without the use of prescription drugs.

Many other strains of marijuana commonly cause users to crash just hours after consuming them. However, Green Crack lacks this characteristic, while helping to manage daily stresses. The medicinal relief it provides is smooth, and quite popular among those with arthritis, debilitating muscular strains and chronic body aches.

Chronic fatigue is often treated with the Green Crack marijuana strain. That’s because it lets you remain awake and aware, without the nervousness and jitters commonly caused by consuming caffeine. It can also be used to treat those with low energy levels as it helps users remain alert and focused while high.

Taste And Aroma Of Green Crack

There’s a very distinct aroma behind Green Crack. Its fragrance is invigorating and pleasant, reminiscent of fruits and natural earthiness. Some users say this strain’s aroma reminds them of papaya, mango, and other tropical fruits. Others report smelling fragrant hints of fresh grass and pine.

Smoking Green Crack will leave a citrusy taste in your mouth. Behind that, you’ll find fresh, earthy accents that stem from its natural fragrance. Enjoy the fruity sweetness reminiscent of a tropical island, along with a very pleasant aftertaste.

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