Chocolope (fem)


Chocolope is 10% indica and 90% sativa. It’s a special strain that motivates and energizes the user, making it a quick way to start a busy day. Some have noted that Chocolope is better than starting the morning with a strong cup of coffee. This almost near 100% sativa is a feminized strain, containing 19% THC and quite some CBD. So, the high is intense and cerebral.

Chocolope (fem) seeds

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Chocolope contains 10% indica and 90% of sativa. This strain is a great way to get started on a busy day. Chocolope has been praised by many as being better than a cup of strong coffee to start the day. This feminized strain contains 19% THC and some CBD. It is almost 100% sativa. The high is cerebral and intense.

Chocolope growers find it easy to cultivate this strain of marijuana. Feminized marijuana plants can be susceptible to mold and mildew. Indoors, mildew and mold can be easily controlled. Within a matter of 63 days, you can expect to see tall cannabis plants with very high yields. You will get sweet, earthy flavours from your buds.

Growing Chocolope Strain Of Medical Marijuana

Chocolope (fem) feminizedChocolope is an easy strain of cannabis to grow. Because these marijuana seeds are susceptible to mildew, they should be planted in well-ventilated areas. When planting these strains of marijuana seeds, make sure that there is no frost risk. Experts recommend growing Chocolope indoors for beginners to better manage these problems.

It is important that this strain of marijuana be grown outdoors. To ensure that your Chocolope cannabis plants thrive and flourish, you need to recreate a warm, sunny, balmy Mediterranean environment.

Flowering Time

To avoid mildews and molds, cultivating the Chocolope strain must be done indoors. In approximately 9-10 weeks, your plants will be ready to harvest. This sativa produces beautiful buds and averages 21 ounces of marijuana per square meter.

Outdoor cultivation of Chocolope will yield the highest yielding bud at approximately 35 ounces per plant. The outdoor environment must be well-designed. The environment must be pleasant, warm, and sunny. You must also be aware of mildews and molds. Outdoor gardeners can expect their plants will flower by mid- to late October and be ready to harvest.

Origin of Chocolope Strain

DNA Genetics, a marijuana seed company, created the Chocolope cannabis variety. Two strains were crossed to create Chocolope.

  • Chocolate Thai Sativa
  • Cannalope Haze Sativa

The group was referring to various Chocolate strains that were popular in the 1980s by mixing these two sativas. Chocolope is a sativa with a chocolatey flavor. The euphoric high it delivers will fill your room with its invigorating aroma of strong coffee.

Chocolope Strain and its effects

Chocolope’s chocolatey taste is not the only reason it is so popular. The energizing effects of Chocolope help you stay motivated and accomplish your goals throughout the day. It can be used in the morning to give you the energy you need to get things done.

Chocolope cannabis is a strain that makes you feel uplifted. You will feel joy and elation from this happy smoke. This allows you to be fully focused and functional throughout the day. This strain produces a full cerebral high.

This is a popular smoke for creative people. This will give you a great “perk up”, even better than the one that comes with a cup of strong coffee in the morning. You’ll feel inspired to do great things the rest of your day. Chocolope is the best choice for procrastination. It doesn’t slow you down .

The high from this strain of marijuana doesn’t last very long. Chocolope leaves you feeling uplifted, happy, and motivated for at least three hours. Chocolope not only gives you a clear head, but also allows you to get things done.

Adverse reactions

The Chocolope is a strong sativa. Experts and dispensaries don’t recommend this cannabis strain for novices or occasional smokers. Some users have experienced mild anxiety and other adverse reactions.

Chocolope, which is almost entirely sativa can make users feel paranoid. Sometimes, you may feel dizzy for a short time. You may also experience dry eyes or dry mouth, which is common with sativas. This can be treated by drinking plenty of water.

Chocolope Strain has medical uses

Chocolope, a strain of cannabis that is highly recommended by doctors and dispensaries for stress-related conditions, is Chocolope. This strain is great for medical cannabis patients who lead a toxic and fast-paced life. Its uplifting effects have been proven to be a great help for anxiety and depression.

This strain of cannabis is extremely energizing. Chocolope is a great choice for patients who suffer from fatigue or lethargy. It helps you stay focused and get your tasks done. The stimulant properties of Chocolope help you stay focused throughout the day and encourage you to get up and do your job.

Chocolope, a cannabis strain that can also be used to treat chronic pain. These conditions can be successfully treated with this strain of cannabis:

  • Joint pains
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Nausea
  • Appetite loss

Patients undergoing intense chemotherapy or radiation treatment are often advised to use this strain of cannabis. Patients suffering from cancer often experience a loss of appetite and chronic, debilitating nausea. Chocolope is a popular strain that treats both these conditions. It allows cancer patients to eat normally and can even regain the weight they lost due to treatment.

Chocolope Strain: The Aroma and Taste

Chocolope marijuana strain smells like a delicious, chocolaty dessert. With its pungent, earthy aroma, this show stealer will immediately get you going in the mornings. You will feel energized by the sweet, chocolaty aroma of nuttiness.

Chocolope is a chocolate lover’s dream. With its sweet, invigorating flavors, this sativa strain is delicious. The strong vanilla flavors will be complemented by strong coffee and chocolate goodness.


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