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Cheese came about in the United Kingdom sometime during the late 1980s. Its parents are said to be Skunk #1 as well as Afghani Indica. The Afghani strain was added to the “original” version of Cheese autoflower to produce higher yields and more trichomes. It was successful – after all, Cheese autoflower is a very easy strain to grow!

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Cheese Autoflower is a popular strain of marijuana that many people love and know. Because of its strong, sour smell, it is instantly recognisable. It lifts moods and calms even the most stressed-out. Good feelings and giggling are not uncommon. This autoflowering strain, which is mainly Indica-dominant, is great for smoking and growing.

Autoflowers are the origin of cheese

The invention of cheese in the United Kingdom occurred sometime in the late 1980s. Skunk #1 and Afghani Indica are the parents of this strain. To increase yields and trichomes, the Afghani strain was included in Cheese autoflower’s original version. It worked! Cheese autoflower is an easy strain to grow.

Cheese Autoflower is 60% Indica, 40% Sativa. It has a low THC level (around 14%), but high CBD levels. Cheese’s exceptional lineage can be easily detected by its cheesy smell.

Effects of Cheese Autoflower

Cheese’s strong heritage means that it can have a similar potent effect when smoked. Its stress-relieving properties are what make it so popular. You will notice the pungent aroma first, followed immediately by the relaxing effects.

People smoke Cheese to feel happy, relaxed and uplifted. Cheese smokers can sometimes feel “suffering” from a bout of laughter, even though they don’t remember why they started laughing.

The strongest effects you can expect to experience after smoking cheese include happiness, euphoria and a feeling of upliftedness. You might find yourself hungry after smoking Cheese.

Cheese is known for its ability relax you from stress that you didn’t even realize you had. It’s like having a blanket wrapped around your neck, soothing chronic pain and relieving any stress.

Adverse reactions

Negative reactions to different strains of marijuana are possible. These adverse reactions are not particularly severe. Dry mouth is the most serious of all possible side effects. Dry mouth is a common side effect. Keep a glass of water close by so you don’t get dehydrated.

Dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia and dizziness are all possible but rare adverse reactions. These are not common reactions, but you shouldn’t be concerned, especially if Cheese is used in moderation.

Medical Uses for Cheese Autoflower

It is often used to treat medical conditions. It contains high levels CBD, but low amounts of THC. Cheese is often used to treat anxiety and stress.

Sometimes people don’t have a mood disorder but have stressful lives. In those cases, cheese can also be incredibly helpful. It makes sense to “self-medicate with Cheese.” Cheese is an excellent way to relax if you live a stressful lifestyle or need to unwind once in a while.

These conditions are most often treated with cheese:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

The aroma and taste of cheese

Cheese, as its name suggests, is a very aromatic strain of marijuana. It is sometimes called pungent or extreme by some. It is the only strain that is called cheese, so it has a strong enough scent to be entitled cheese. It smells just like cheddar cheese, with a few other scents, including an earthy undertone. It’s okay if it overpowers you. You can embrace it.

It tastes more like cheese. It is not more pungent, but it still has the buttery flavor of real cheese. This Cheese is for those who love real cheese. With each whiff, you’ll get the buttery, cheddary flavor of real cheese.

Growing Cheese Autoflower

It is easy to grow cheese autoflower. They are small and compact, only growing up to 56 inches tall. This makes it easy for beginners to predict the harvest time and grow seasons.

When someone is starting to grow indoors, cheese autoflower can be a great beginner’s strain. These plants thrive when grown indoors. The climate should be warm, sunny, and humid.

Cheese autoflower growers can expect to harvest approximately 5 ounces per square foot of marijuana. This is the average yield of the plants grown indoors.

Cheese autoflowering marijuana plants can yield approximately 5 ounces per plant when grown outside. Although the yields aren’t very high, it’s important to remember the benefits of a shorter growing season for Cheese autoflowering marijuana plants.

Autoflowering vs. Photosensitive Plants

Autoflowering marijuana strains are those that do not require sunlight. Normal marijuana plants enter the flowering stage when the sunlight level drops below a set amount of hours. This process occurs naturally outdoors. However, it can take some time.

Autoflowering plants are more compact and can be grown faster, as the transition period is determined by time rather than light. Autoflowering plants are preferred by growers who need more than one season of yield. They have shorter flowering times and are smaller in size.


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