Payment FAQ

Paying with credit card

Your credit card statement will NEVER mention anything related to marijuana.

You will get a number of emails after placing your order:

* One email asks you to confirm your order. You will not be billed until you have confirmed your order.

* If you did not enter your credit card details, click the link in the second email to do this.

If you have made a mistake, you can just start a new order. Unpaid orders will be removed automatically.

Many US Credit Cards are blocked for overseas purchases. Just call your bank and tell them you are expecting an international charge. This can be from Europe or China. You do NOT need to tell them what you are buying. They also will not ask you this.

What if my credit card payment fails?

If payment fails, then check the following

* Did you use your official credit card billing adress? Otherwise your payment might not be processed. (An alternative shipping adress can be entered)

* Do you have sufficient funds on the card?

* If you are using an “IP anonimizer” or “VPS / Proxy” the card fraud checks might block your transaction

* Check with your Card provider if there is a restriction on your card for overseas purchases

As with most online stores, your card info is processed by a secured third party company. We ourselves do not see or store your credit card information.

Paying with bitcoin (gives 10% discount!)

Buy marijuana seeds with Bitcoin and you’ll get a 10% discount on your entire order!

Before ordering and choosing Bitcoin, first make sure to buy some bitcoins using our easy 4 step guide. Bitcoins ready in your wallet? Then thoose Bitcoin at the checkout, and follow the instructions.

Paying with cash

You send us cash in an envelope. We send you your order. This is the most private and anonymous way to order.

You will receive our mailing address after you place your order. We will instruct you how to send the money. All currencies are accepted. Use “” to calculate your exchange rate to US dollars if needed.

From the US it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for the cash to arrive here. We ship your order within two business days after receiving your payment. Sending cash is very safe, there have been no lost cash payment in over 12 months.

Paying by bank transfer

Place your order, and then follow the instructions. You will be given our European bank number, with IBAN and BIC codes, after ordering.