Marijuana Seeds for Sale – What you should know

Marijuana Seeds for sale

When buying Marijuana seeds online, there are a few things to consider. Searching for high quality marijuana seeds for sale is essential. Probably the two most important considerations are quality and verifiable sources.  Regular buyers of Marijuana seeds will know one cannot justput any old seed in the soil and expect a good harvest from it.

There are various strains available on the market, and what one buys greatly depends on the purpose for which one buys the seeds. One needs to buy a specific strain for medical Marijuana and another strain for recreational purposes. Marijuana seeds for sale are distinctly broken up into three different groups.

These groups are Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

Cannabis Indica & SativaYou should know about your Cannabis Strain

Indica strains are well known for their relaxing traits. These strains are popular for use while you engage in relaxing activities such as watching a video at home or dining out with your family, while Sativa strains provide more of a “high” feeling and is perfect for enhancing the exhilarating experience of energetic activities such as sports, dance, etc. Hybrid strain effects are somewhere in between Sativa and Indica, and each particular strain’s traits will depend on the traits inherited from their originating parent plants.

When selecting Marijuana seeds for sale online or elsewhere, it is advisable to check from which of these three groups the particular seeds that you choose are.

Some of the most popular Marijuana seeds for sale at the moment

Indica: Granddaddy Purple; Bubba Kush; Northern Lights; Blue Cheese; Purple Kush; Blueberry; Grape Ape; Blackberry Kush; Master Kush; LA Confidential; White Rhino; God’s Gift; Skywalker; Berry white.

Sativa: Sour Diesel; Green Crack; Jack Herer; Lemon Haze; Super Silver Haze; Strawberry Cough; Super Lemon Haze; Mowie Wowie; Chocolope; Amnesia Haze; Hartequin, Cinex; Purple Haze; Lamb’s Bread.

Hybrid: Blue Dream; Girl Scout Cookies; OG Kush; White Widow; Pineapple Express; AK-47; Trainwreck; Headband; Chemdawg; Cheese; Cherry Pie; Skywalker OG; Lemon Kush; Golden Goat; Agent Orange; LSD; Bubble Gum.

Cannabis SativaThe Cannabis Sativa Phenotypes

When hunting online for Marijuana seeds for sale, the beginner should consider the following: if they have a lot of space available, they live in a state where Marijuana can be legally grown and they want to produce for quality “highs” to active people, then Sativa strains would be the way to go.

Sativa strains are green, leafy, tall and thin and will probably take up a lot of space. These strains are highly suitable for outdoor gardens, so the new grower need to be sure that they will not receive an official visit from the local sheriff as soon as their crops are nicely set in the blooming stage. Sativa strains tend to be uplifting and creative, focusing on cerebral related effects. They will fare well in areas below 30 degrees latitude.

Cannabis IndicaThe Cannabis Indica Phenotypes

Similarly, when hunting online for Marijuana seeds for sale, and the new beginner does not exactly havewide open fields for a variety of crops and would prefer to supply to people whose most vigorous recreational activity is chewing popcorn while watching an online movie, then they should consider going the Indica way. Indica plants are bushy and short, and perfect for indoor gardens. They are a great sedative and tend to relax the whole body. They will fare best in areas between 30 and 50 degrees latitude.

And the great thing about indoor gardens is that they are not very conspicuous, so the local sheriff will be none the wiser even if he pays the gardener a social visit every second day or so. Just kidding. It is always better to stay legal, so when hunting for Marijuana seeds online, the first thing to consider should always be the laws of your particular state.

Medical Marijuana Strains

medical marijuanaA great new option for new beginners hunting online for Marijuana seeds for sale, is the fact that medical Marijuana has been developed to help people suffering from various medical conditions.

Such people have now found a comfort in the fact that medical Marijuana can be a great resource for curing those conditions. Sometime medical Marijuana can be the only hope to cure a great variety of different conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. Many people are finding relief from seizures as a result of epilepsy.

When exploring the world of medical Marijuana, the beginner who has never used cannabis or grown medical seeds before can become somewhat overwhelmed when realizing the great variety of Marijuana seeds for sale online.

It will help to gain a basic understanding of the differences between strains before beginning to hunt for Marijuana seeds for sale. This will ensure selecting a seed with the right properties to alleviate their specific symptoms.

The Cannabinoid Footprint

A typical medical strain will contain about 15-20% of THC, while containing 1% or less of CBD. Sativa strains typically contain high THC levels and Indica a greater CBD level. The strain you choose while hunting for Marijuana seeds for sale will depend on the particular symptoms that you wish to treat.

  • Indica seeds will render crops that will relieve pain, muscle spasms, insomnia and symptoms of anxiety.
  • Sativa seeds will produce crops that will relieve depression, ADD, fatigue and mood disorders.

There are a great many more things to consider when looking online for Marijuana seeds for sale, and we invite you to look around on our website. Browsing is completely free.

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Marijuana Seeds for Sale - What you should know
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Marijuana Seeds for Sale - What you should know
When buying Marijuana seeds online, there are a few things to consider. Searching for high quality marijuana seeds for sale is essential. Probably the two most important considerations are quality and verifiable sources.
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