If you’re reading this article, you are either a stoner or you know a stoner. Stoners need to be prepared for any time to be a time to smoke up. And while I have personally seen some truly “MacGyver’ed” bongs and pipes, there are some things that not only will make your life much easier, but more comfortable. From keeping your buds fresh to helping stave off the munchies, here are six life hacks that every stoner should know and practice.

Eat a Mint Before You Smoke

It doesn’t have to be a mint if mints aren’t your thing. You can use Jolly Ranchers, Life Savers, and other hard candies. Suck on it while you’re packing your bowl, chamber, or rolling your joint. Then stuff it in your cheek and proceed with your smoke session. Not only will it help prevent the dreaded cotton mouth, but it might help you keep the munchies at bay

Use Black Construction Paper to Block Light and Sun from Your Buds

Use Black Construction Paper to Block Light and Sun from Your Buds

Both artificial light and sunlight can cause your buds to lose potency. And that’s a bad thing. One way around this is to store it in an airtight, odor-proof, and waterproof container. However, if you store your buds in mason jars, as many people do – covering them in black construction paper helps to keep the light out. You’ll have fresher buds and if you’re artistic – use white and silver and gold markers to decorate the construction paper. Your container will look nifty and you’ll always know where your bud is stored.

Drink Coffee While Getting Stoned

According to the website HERB.co, coffee and cannabis are the peanut butter and jelly of the drug world. They just go together. But does coffee actually improve your high? The answer is yes and no. While coffee can make your high last longer or be more potent so you need -less- cannabis for the same high, it does not necessarily improve the feeling. Researchers suspect that both caffeine and cannabis affect the same pleasure receptors in the brain, therefore allowing coffee to extend the length of your high. 

Clean Your Vape Pen or Mod Regularly

Clean Your Vape Pen or Mod Regularly

Vape pens and mods are a lot like bowls and bongs in one major way. They occasionally need to be cleaned or else you start getting bad tasting hits. Keeping your vapes clean and well maintained will ensure that you get all the flavor of your cannabis and not the taste of old, burnt resins. There are several cleaning guides available on the net – but always read your user’s manual to ensure you aren’t doing something to violate warranty. Usually all you need is a small paint or makeup brush, cotton swabs, alcohol and some soapy water.

Smoke Before Mealtimes

Getting the case of the munchies while stoned can really derail any diet plan. However, if you plan your smoke sessions prior to meal times – specifically dinner – you can cut down on raiding the pantry. It will also probably help you to eat healthier since we tend to crave the worst foods possible when stoned.

Transport Your Weed in Bubble Wrap

If you are planning to travel a good distance and want to keep your pristine buds well, pristine – wrap them in bubble wrap to keep the buds from breaking. Buds can be delicate and too much bumping and thumping around can cause them to fall apart. Keeping them from doing this means less shake and more buds.

These 6 life hacks are things that any stoner should know and implement. Not only will these tips and tricks possibly save your buds from breaking – they can also help whittle your waist. Putting these into practice is definitely a good idea.