When you think of workout recovery, what are the things that creep up in your mind? Supplements, protein shakes, fruits, and nuts? If these are your only answers, then you are one among those who don’t even consider weed as a potential enabler of post-workout healing. This mindset also comes from the publicity that Cannabis gets- often portraying weed consuming guys as skinny or malnourished, not very fitness-conscious, right?

Well, this perception is changing rapidly with the gradual liberalization of Cannabis usage. There is minimal research on the goodness of Cannabis in post-workout recovery. Still, it is almost evident that weed and its byproducts are close to vitamin supplements in terms of health benefits. We are going to look at how weed helps in speeding up your workout recoveries.

Weed for an energetic and confident workout session:

Weed can improve our abilities in workouts that do not involve essential motor skills. Moreover, weed provides us with a sense of calmness, confidence, and energy, which are necessary factors for workout and subsequent relaxation.

However, you must realize that weed is not going to help you improve your shape or build more body mass. To gain performance and enhance your overall athletic abilities, you have to maintain the Dianabol cycle.

Helps to maintain breathing pattern:

Weed acts as a bronchodilator, which eases the airflow to the lungs. It also acts as an analgesic that helps with oxygenation and breathing. Thus, it increases respiratory functions and lets you have a stress free workout session.

Functions as an anti-inflammatory for post-workout pain:

For toiling workout routines, little aches and strains are very common. Weed seeds are known for controlling inflammation, and it also speeds up recovery from any strains that you may acquire from workouts.

In case you face some significant accidents while working out, such as bone fractures, you can still benefit from weed. It can stimulate the movement of Lysyl Hydroxylase, an enzyme that aids in bone repair. 

Weed also takes care of other complex pains like migraine:

Besides pains arising out of muscle flexes or soreness, other pains can also be a spoiler for your workout routine as well as post-workout relaxation. One such nuisance is a migraine, which can halt your resolve to maintain fitness. Weed can be an excellent remedy for migraines and can keep you going by healing your discomfort.

Saves you from the side-effects delivered by over the counter drugs:

If you are having issues with your post-workout recovery and opt for over the counter medications, there is a high chance that you are bringing in the possibilities of side-effects, such as gastrointestinal bleeding. Weed will work without any significant side-effects and can help you lessen your dependence on such drugs.  

Weed increases blood-flow

Many famous athletes like to use weed after their training sessions because it is a vasodilator. It can enhance the flow of blood to the muscles, which helps in recovery and muscle soreness.

Weed comes in all forms:

If you have settled on checking out the weed, but have reservations with vaping, you need not worry. Weed comes in all avatars, and you can try oils, pills, gummies, and a whole host of other profiles.

Weed can shorten the resting circle:

Weed can shorten the resting circle:

After your workout, you need to rehydrate yourself. After that, you will require some food, and then some rest. This cycle is very crucial to achieve the desired results from your training. But usually, we do not have so much time to rest when our body can relax and rebuild muscle mass (it takes at least 3 to 4 hours). Therefore, we can take the help of weed, which can expedite this process of relaxation by intervening with the motor center in the brain.

Will weed make you high?

Whether marijuana will make you high or not depends on the product and the dose you consume. There are more than a hundred compounds in Cannabis. Out of these compounds, two are well-known for their health benefits: THC and CBD. THC is a psychoactive compound that can make you high if taken above the suggested limits. However, most of the Cannabis products contain 0.3% or lesser THC, which is a permissible limit. CBD is non-toxic and will not make you high. Hence, CBD is gaining popularity with every passing day, and you can use it without any worries.

How to know the dosage?

If you are new to weed, there is no single measurement that will suit you. You have to begin with a trial and error method where you evaluate your ingesting abilities and consume accordingly. Different profiles of weed (edibles, oil, vapes) will also have different concentration levels. It will be wise to start with a smaller dose and increase once you are comfortable with it.


To most people out there, weed is still an uncomfortable affair, and it is more so with fitness freaks. This is because we tend to focus on the darker side of weed and forget all the health benefits it brings on the table. In this age, when much of the population has accepted the side-effects of conventional medicines to get whatever cure they offer, unconventional ways of healing have great promise for the future. When there are more standard researches on different varieties of weed, we can assume that weed will be one of the most sought after alternative medication.