Would you like to discover methods to make your own personal female cannabis seeds? So far in your own growing process, you might have only worried about the methods to keep your plants joyful and nourishing – to both stays alive and grow. Chances are, this has recovered up to the majority of your time and effort. It has perhaps consumed more of your time and effort than you ever expected. How might you start thinking concerning doing something additional for your future?

The simple truth is, getting one season’s well worth of an excellent harvest is a great thing – however you happen to ensure it is fantastic by setting your sights on the coming future. You have so far accomplished some quite challenging things during your cultivate season. Perhaps you needed to defeat unexpected challenges. Are you willing to make things much easier next time around?

If your plants are presently growing, begin taking a better look at them. Are there growths developing at the place where stalk and leaf hook up? Are some of your plants growing tall and skinny while some are staying bushy and short?

These adjustments are derived from your plants approaching their sexual maturity. The moment this begins happening, you should be ready to perfectly make a choice which plants you will need to reproduce so you have a stash of pot for the whole season.

In this post, we are going to cover the principles of looking to upcoming decades of growing seasons. The top secret of success is your plants’ seeds, along with the sexes of those seeds.

Techniques to sex plants
sex cannabis plants

The starting point in making these essential choices is to figure out which plants are male and which are female. You need to start having the ability to do this once the season or light cycle begins to change.

The moment the length of daylight drops below 18 hours daily, you will begin to notice reactions in the male plants. They will begin to develop bud-like growths, which are actually greenish-white coloured flowers shaped like an egg.

You have the ability to recognize its gender without mistake it once you rattle these flowers since they will give off a fog of pollen.

About fourteen days later you will realise different changes in the females as well. They will begin to develop buds, which begin as a little cactus-like white coloured growth at the ends of branches.

These buds will increase and increase until about a month has passed, at which time they will be significantly larger, sticky with resin, and also odorous. Based on the strain you might be growing, this odor could smell similar to a skunk, or it could have a sweet, pleasant odor.

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Males are bigger and die earlier

Amazingly, you may get a fine thought of which plants are male before they begin reacting to the changes in the daytime. Generally, the male plants will be the tallest of your crop.

This is a basic evolutionary trait that was biologically chosen over decades – by being taller and developing quicker, males usually tend to successfully fall their pollen onto the female plants when they are budding. Taller males will also have their pollen travel longer distances in the storm.

These male plants as well die earlier than females. Fortunately for you, it is possible to cut off their flowers and smoke or consume them (after appropriately drying all of them of course).

You will be satisfied with the resulting high since it is going to be almost as good as smoking the female buds of your crop later.

What is pollination?
What is pollination

Seeds or no seeds? Which is the endless query of numerous cannabis growers – particularly new ones.

When they are left to themselves, male cannabis plants will fertilize the females, leading to a fresh generation of seeds to be “born.”

While this may appear harmless to the uneducated grower, it can substantially reduce your resulting crop.

When female crops are fertilized, they will reduce their production of resin that has an excellent quantity of THC. An unfertilized blossom contains the majority of THC you will discover on any kind of cannabis crop.

Furthermore, unfertilized females can stay in the flowering phase for a long period – between six and ten weeks – which means a higher quantity of these THC-rich buds.

All this signifies that you will want to decide how many (if any) female crops you might like to be fertilized, and how much you want mainly for your production. Preserving your females from fertilization isn’t as simple as it sounds, however it is essential to you getting a profitable harvest lastly.

The most reliable method to accomplish this is simply by uprooting your males and getting them off from your at-risk females.

More males than females

Preferably, you previously took the high male-female ratio into consideration once you initially planted. Cannabis crops normally are 70% male, so getting rid of all your male crops lessens the quantity of plants significantly. Bear in mind that the outcome will be higher, so don’t fear this method.

That being said, you better be entirely sure a plant is male before getting rid of it from your plant. There could be nothing more painful than to uproot a crop you assumed was male, simply to find out you just destroyed a huge female crop that might have substantially contributed to your end yield.

Many growers who just want the cannabis for their individual use will simply permit the males to pollinate the females and will get rid of the cannabis seeds from the crop later.

Making seeds
Making seeds

This method is most beneficial for indoor growers, and it requires fertilizing your crops.

To start with, you need to recognize which crops are a male and which might be a girl (find out above).

You will, however, want a minimum of one male to fertilize your girls, but normally one is sufficient.

Select the one boy plant that you think has the proper qualities, and then get rid of all of the remainder.

  • The next action is to separate this male plant to be able to manage its lighting one by one from the females. While the females still have constant light, your male crop should have 12 hours of light as well as 12 hours of total darkness. This lighting change will spur the male into flowering and therefore generating pollen.
  • It is advisable to take this pollen and preserve it because you’re going to need it in the future. Make use of a sheet of paper to obtain the pollen from the flowers, and then drop the pollen into an envelope. Place the envelope in a freezer to keep it healthy.
  • In the meantime, always keep your lady plants in their vegetation phase for as long as possible. As soon as the time has come for the flowering phase to commence, it’s time for you to make use of the pollen which has been kept in the freezer.
  • Determine wisely which females you will want to pollinate. It might be simply because she shows specific features you prefer, or perhaps she originates from the similar strain as the male crop and it happened to be a fantastic strain, so you wish to maintain the strain totally pure.

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To pollinate the flowers

Position the pollen in one cola of the female plant(s). Don’t pollinate flowers on exactly the same crop, and don’t fertilize the flowers of the other crops either.

The method of pollinating your crops must be carried out very carefully. For satisfactory outcomes, divide the entire female crop to prevent contaminating the other plants around it.

  • At first, place the pollen into a little container, and obtain a little watercolor paintbrush.
  • Make use of this brush to place the pollen on the top of your female plant’s cola.
  • After four days approximately, place the pollinated female crop under 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of constant darkness. This is the stage when you no longer need to bother about cross-pollination because the pollen will be strongly stuck to the cola.
  • Keep a close attention on your pollinated female to be sure you harvest her seeds at an appropriate time.
  • Mature cannabis seeds are not green, but instead they have some kind of brown color. As soon as the seeds are mature enough, just make use of your hands to remove them.
  • Tag the container with the seeds then simply freeze all of them. Provided that they remain frozen, they won’t lose their potential to germinate next period.

Finally, you will both have a nice, top quality strain of seeds for your next growing season, and the remainder of your non-pollinated crops will generate amazing weed. It is a sensible way to sustain economically while also improving the standard of your upcoming plants.

Feminizing seeds
Feminizing seeds

At this moment, it is likely you are thinking that the 70% male and 30% female average is quite unfortunate. The majority of growers would agree with you. However, you don’t have much control over your upcoming plants’ genders when using conservative fertilization strategies.

That is why many take measures to ensure it is more likely that they will obtain only (or mostly) female crops. One method to influence the odds in your favor is to feminize your cannabis seeds.

Generally, you cannot explain the difference between male and female seeds. You also cannot modify a seed’s gender. The concept behind feminizing your crops is to increase the quantity of females in your plant since female crops commonly have an increased THC material than males, and, therefore, get priority. Seed feminization makes use of a number of pollination techniques to tip the scale in your favor.

When you have additional money and aren’t feeling up to the obstacle, you may also purchase already feminized seeds from cannabis seed manufacturers. That being said, purchasing feminized cannabis seeds online can often be hit or miss. Ensure the manufacturers you are purchasing from is trustworthy.

There are three forms of feminization: silver thiosulfate, colloidal silver and rodelization. Each one, when appropriately completed, should end up successfully giving you mainly lady plant.

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Silver Thiosulfate process
Silver Thiosulfate process

The modern development if making use of STS (Silver Thiosulfate Method) has somehow become commonplace – and it’s an excellent one because it is very beneficial.

It has permitted feminized seeds to be discovered everywhere, which means that the normal grower can purchase feminized cannabis seeds.

Better still, we can all be assured that they are probably appropriately feminized, instead of the hit-or-miss feminized seeds market of period past.

What exactly is silver thiosulfate? It’s a half-and-half mixture of sodium thiosulfate and silver nitrate.

It basically leads to a hormonal response to stress in the crop that causes a change in gender.

So how can you really produce feminized cannabis seeds on your own? It demands a little bit more than drenching your crops in silver thiosulfate, unfortunately…

Choose a female Plant

At first, you must determine which crops you’re going to make use of. They should all be a lady and from one strain, and nearly mature. Then simply take one of them, divide it from the bunch, apply it with STS, allow it to dry, and finally replace it along with its sister crops.

That crop will start to look like very stressed out. This will turn the plant into a brown color and that might worry you with how near to death it appears. Just five days later, however, it will start its revival. In one month’s time, this crop will have completed its change into being male.

At this moment, you can simply shake the new male crop right over those same females, hence pollinating the female plants.

Because the new male plant used to be female, the pollen it offers is actually female pollen. Which means that, after just a couple of weeks, these pollinated female plants will produce feminized seeds?

Although the method seems very simple, especially compared to other techniques you may have heard of, this doesn’t signify you will have good results on your first attempt. Fortunately for you, breeders you might want to purchase feminized seeds from always make sure each batch of seeds, together with the general method, is successful.

They will, therefore, provide you with seeds that you can rely on. In fact, these days the maximum end feminised seeds have a feminization rate of 99% or more, so this process is clearly a big help to the cannabis business.

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Rodelization process
Rodelization process

This method involves the natural reaction of the females when they are under pressure.

When experiencing stress or are approaching the end of their lives after not having been fertilized , females will actually begin to develop pollen sacs without any male fertilization.

This is a basic evolutionary reaction that enables crops that were never fertilized to carry on their “bloodline.”

Simply because the resulting seeds are derived from specifically female genetics, the likelihood of them being female seeds is much greater than normal.

Rodelization purposefully motivates this method to come about, significantly improving the odds of the seeds being female, significantly improving the odds of the seeds being female. Although it can be challenging, it is commonly a less difficult process than making use of the colloidal silver process. Because it’s a completely natural method, you will have to depend upon your crop to take action correctly – and that may be dangerous.

Purpose of the rodelization method

The purpose of the rodelization method is to maintain your female crops in their flowering phase for much longer than usual – far longer compared to when you might usually harvest. When left this late, the crops should have the natural reaction to “panic” and bounce into self-pollination method.

The moment the pollen sacs start rising, you can harvest the pollen normally, as was stated above. Determine which buds and colas you desire to glaze using this pollen.

The primary issue with this process is its insufficient reliability – even though everything moves right, the seeds could somehow not be feminized. Due to this risk (and the proven fact that leaving your crops in the flowering period long past the ideal harvesting time is not going to assist the harvest itself), you have to think long and hard regarding whether or not this is the technique for you.

A lot of growers prefer this process simply because it is absolutely organic, and perhaps they are definitely natural growers. Certain strains will continue to work better compared to others with this process too.

Colloidal Silver technique
Colloidal Silver technique

For this process, you will need a very small quantity of colloidal silver (pure silver) and distilled water. Put the former into the latter, then, making use of a spray bottle, apply the resulting mixture onto your lady plants while they are flowering.

The plants will begin to form pollen sacs (which are usually found in males). The pollen consists of original material that is actually completely female – making it definitely probable that the cannabis seeds the crop generates will be female.

That was the easy way of talking about the method. Actually doing it is much more complicated and requires many more information.

In addition to the natural silver and distilled water, you need:

  • a 9-volt battery and connector
  • alligator clips
  • soldering iron

Sound like too many problems? Just purchase colloidal silver on the internet.

The steps of the colloidal silver method

Assuming you has no problem with spending the time and expense discovering these “ingredients,” the following step in the method is to connect the battery and its connector.

  • Solder the alligator clips onto the red-colored and black coloured cables to form the perfect electrical current.
  • After that attach these to the silver (probably coins) that you have.
  • Place the silver coins into the distilled water, without enabling the alligator clips or cables to touch the water. Because the water is distilled, this will cause the silver ions to just float around in the water instead of attaching with other ions.
  • Leave this for seven hours or – the more time, the better, since it will increase the colloidal silver attentiveness. That being said, abandoning it for too long will cause the particles to eventually become too big.

At this moment, it is possible to spray your crops and cause the feminization technique to come about. Spray them each day after they have reached their flowering stage, up until they have started to form male pollen sacs. It should take less than fourteen days although the timing can vary. As soon as you see the sacs, follow the guidelines above to normally fertilize your crop.

Take note: NEVER eat or smoke the parts of the crop that you sprayed with the colloidal silver solution (wiki). If you’re not 100% positive about which parts were sprayed, basically get rid of the whole plant to be safe. The pollen, on the other hand, will be completely secure.


Making clones

Both of the above techniques may be dangerous, several growers will simply clone their female crops. It doesn’t feminize the seeds, per say, but it does guarantee you to have a trusted source of female crops. This is only a wise idea if you are satisfied with the lady plant and want to copy it exactly. If you need a mixture of two plants or strains, the seed feminization strategies make more sense.

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