Hotboxing is a term that excites every cannabis enthusiast. It’s a wonderful method to cherish the glorious flavors of cannabis in a confined space with your friends.

With the increasing popularity of cannabis across the globe, the number of enthusiastic users is also expanding. People are excited to explore new ways of consuming cannabis. For ages, alcohol has been considered the social stimulator making it a party constant. Hotboxing is a way of relishing the amazing experience of cannabis with your close company. While the method seems to bring your friends and weed close, there is a certain level of expertise and precaution required to carry it smoothly.

Let us understand the basics of hotboxing

Hotboxing refers to a smoking session that is usually carried in a confined, airtight space to ensure the smoke does not escape the enclosure. This enclosure could be your garage, bedroom, closet, tent, car, or any room with walls or sealed enclosures.

The hotboxing trend started as an act of rebellion to enjoy cannabis in discreet spaces without having to face the judgment and legal repercussions of smoking in public. Today more people are enjoying this trend, especially at social events, to cherish their cannabis experience together.

Hotboxing fills the air with marijuana smoke from joints or bongs, and users within the room inhale the same to get stoned. Hotboxing requires a larger amount of cannabis and a longer duration to ensure the best experience. Hence the method is best when performed in small areas, as you will then require a considerably lesser amount of substance, and the effects will also turn out well. 

Hotboxing is usually considered a community-friendly event as higher the number of people who smoke in the area, faster the air fills with the smoke.

The method has evolved to efficiently retain the smell within the space of smoking instead of billowing into corridors or other rooms, making it considerably discreet.

Hotboxing in a Car

Let us understand the basics of hotboxing

Driving your car while you are intoxicated is always a bad idea. But your car could be one of the best-confined spaces for you the enjoy your cannabis hotboxing experience. You can use a parked car in a safe location to hotbox and enjoy your cannabis with your mates. Here are some simple steps to ensure you are hotboxing properly in your car.

  1. Plan: Hotboxing is best when enjoyed in a relaxed and calm location. Given you are hotboxing in a car, I would recommend not to park in public places or no parking areas. You can park your car in your garage or someplace safe and private. But just ensure that there is no disturbance during the session. Try to collect everything you need for your hotboxing, including rolling papers, matches or lighters, bongs, tobacco, and any other items necessary.
  1. Gather your weed: An important part of preparing for your hotboxing session is to ensure there is enough weed. People often find themselves not having a good experience hotboxing because there is very little weed for everyone to use. Reusing and fussing about using more weed could only make the hotboxing dull and uncomfortable. No matter the medium you choose, remember you need enough stuff to smoke the air inside the car, and there needs to be enough weed for it to happen. You can also do the hotboxing with a vaporizer.

One of the best ways of improving your hotboxing experience is by inviting your friends to introduce several new strains to the mix. If each one of you picks up a different strain, then the experience will be intense and exciting. One rule while you mix strains is to ensure they all belong to the same category, Indica or Sativa. The reason behind this is that one tends to have a calming and relaxing effect, the other tends to energize users, and hence mixing the two varieties may not turn out to be a good idea. You can also explore good quality marijuana seeds and grow your very own cannabis plant to use for the best benefits.

  1. Stock up on supplies: Remember the munchies that make you gobble all you can at one go when you smoked your midnight joint?  Well, now imagine more strains and a rather heavier session. Obviously, you need to stock up well to curb your cravings, or you will have to go on a midnight snack run when you are way too high. Add enough snacks, water, juices, pillows, and sweaters to your car before you begin to hotbox to ensure you have everything you might need when you are high right next to you. The longer you settle in, the better you can enjoy the effects. So, keep your car ready to offer you everything you need. Keep some music with you to play while you are high to help you relax and enjoy it.

The Kick In

Users who use hotboxing often describe it as a heavy and intense experience. They share that the effects stay longer, which makes the whole process worthy. There are two reasons why hotboxing works to enhance the experience. Given the room in closed, there is a decrease in oxygen level and an increase in CO2 levels in the body. Also, the potency of second-hand smoke helps enhance the experience with cannabis in this case. Almost every breath you take contains a small amount of THC, which means you are continuously exposed to a flow of this chemical, keeping you high and lightheaded for a longer duration. Also, given hotboxing is a communal method cherishing the fun experience with your friends makes it more exciting.

Company matters, so ensure you are with people who are comfortable with hotboxing and are optimistic about trying out. If everyone is enjoying the session, you will have nothing to worry about.

Keep in Mind

  1. Hotboxing in your car means that your seat cover and interiors will absorb the smell. These particles tend to stick to these surfaces and linger for a while. So it could be quite tricky if you get pulled over in the next few days as the smell tends to remain. So, prepare a clean-up or any other way of masking the smell.
  1. Given the entire process happens in a confined space, some users feel dizzy and uncomfortable from the lack of fresh oxygen. Try to keep the stuff limited in the first few tries and ensure everyone in the car is always fine. Hotboxing may not be the best idea for first-time weed users, so stick to the traditional bongs and joints.

3. Avoid driving or performing any critical task after hotboxing. You might feel slightly anxious or paranoid post the session, and following it with driving may not be a good idea.

Hotboxing can be an extremely fun experience to enjoy with your friends with the magic of cannabis. If you are a cannabis enthusiast or a novice cannabis user, you can take a chance at hotboxing to enjoy the amazing flavors. Remember to be smart and take proper precautions before you go through this experience to make sure you thoroughly enjoy it.