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How to germinate weed seedsGerminating weed seeds is the process of getting your Cannabis seeds to grow little white “roots” or “vines”. These little tendrils emerging during Cannabis seed germination are the first roots of your new Cannabis plants, and are called “taproots”.  The Cannabis seeds are then called sprouts. From then on the process of the Cannabis seeds becoming mature Cannabis plants has been set in motion and will slowly progress and will not stop until the former Cannabis seeds (now called Cannabis sprouts) have become mature Cannabis plants.  Lets start with our Guide “How to germinate weed seeds”.

How to germinate weed seeds – Marijuana seeds that have just sprouted

Cannabis Germination processThe taproot will become longer and stronger, until eventually it pushes the shell through the surface of whichever medium you have chosen to germinate your Cannabis seeds in.

From then on the Cannabis plant will be visible and will become larger and larger until eventually it will be a mature Cannabis plant, shooting out Cannabis seeds of its own.

The first “leaves” of the Cannabis plant, called “cotyledons”, emerge from inside the Cannabis seed shortly after the plant breaks through the surface of the germinating medium.

These are part of the seed even before the Cannabis seed germinating process because these are the devices with which the new seedling breaks thought the shell of the seed.

The first pair of genuine leaves appear next, very soon after the first stages of the Cannabis seed germinating process, and have serrated edges. These are the very first parts of the new Cannabis plant that are actually grown by the plant on its own.

Requirements for the Cannabis seeds to Germinate

As with all species in the Plant Kingdom, Marijuana seeds need certain things before they can germinate. Such as moisture (they have to be moist, but not soaking wet. The only stage where they can be soaked is for the first 2-3 days, and only if the Cannabis seeds are very hard).

Cannabis seeds also need to be left alone in peaceful surroundings during the germinating process. Warmth is also very important, but note that it should not be too hot, While Cannabis seeds can germinate in somewhat cooler conditions, that will take a bit longer.

Cannabis Seeds germination temperatureBe gentle with your Cannabis seedlings after germinating or sprouting. The taproot is very fragile and can very easily be accidentally severed from the rest of the germinated seed. Make sure after germinating that you plant your Cannabis sprouts with the taproot pointing downward.

Cannabis sprouts can still grow if planted with the taproot pointing the wrong way. But they will have to re-orient themselves, which will then cause the Cannabis growing process to take longer. Before the shell of the Cannabis seed breaks through the growing medium and the “cotyledons” appear.

The best depth to plant after germinating your Cannabis seeds is around half inch to an inch (1.3 cm – 2.5 cm) down from the surface. Too deep may result in your new Cannabis seedlings taking too long before breaking surface.

how to germinate cannabis seedsKeep your Cannabis sprouts wet at all times

Marijuana seeds need the presence of water and warmth. During Marijuana seed germinating, the moist warm combination signals to the Marijuana seeds that the time has come to “wake up” and start shooting their tap roots through their shells and into the growing medium.

When the root appears and the water around the Marijuana seed has become dry, the seedling will sadly die. Any plant (actually any living organism) needs water to survive!
Very young seedlings are fragile.

They need a constant supply of water to stay healthy. Be very particular about this aspect of the germinating process of your weed seeds at first. The new Marijuana seedlings need access to water ALL THE TIME during the germinating process. This applies irrespective of the type of Cannabis germination method you use.

cannabis germination

The Importance of Warmth

Germinating weed seeds works best in warmer temperatures. And young Marijuana seedlings thrive better in situations where the air is humid. Young Marijuana seedlings will more likely become healthy plants when they can absorb a fair amount of moisture through their foliage. While dry conditions will not kill your mature Marijuana plants, humid conditions will make it so much easier to grow healthy, thriving Marijuana plants.

Using an incandescent bulb during the process of germinating weed seeds will help keeping your germinating area at an ideal temperature. While these bulbs are not desirable during the general growth periods of Marijuana because of the photoperiod. But they can help when germinating weed seeds.

Methods to Germinating Weed Seeds are, Among Others:
  • Starter cubes & seedling plugs (recommended)
  • Rapid Rooters (highly recommended for any germinating process)
  • Rockwool Cubes (Not Recommended)
  • Jiffy Pellets (Recommended for Soil or Coco Coir)
Planting Marijuana seeds directly into the growing medium;
  • Germinating Station
  • Soaking Marijuana Seeds in Water Overnight;
  • Paper plates (mostly used by stealth growers)
  • Planting Your Germinated Cannabis Seeds

Plant directly after sprouting, and make sure you do not touch the taproot. Also make sure you plant your Cannabis seedlings root down, the top of the seed directly below the surface.

Note that it can take up to 10 days for your new germinated Cannabis seedlings to appear above the surface of the growing medium, after which it will likely not survive.

After about 12 days of planting your Cannabis seedlings, they can be transplanted.

Germinating weed seeds can be an intricate process, but with enough patience and persistence, you will get there.


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How to germinate Weed Seeds - Cannabis Seeds
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How to germinate Weed Seeds - Cannabis Seeds
Germinating weed seeds is the process of getting your Cannabis seeds to grow little white “roots” or “vines”. These little tendrils emerging during Cannabis seed germination are the first roots of your new Cannabis plants, and are called “taproots”.
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