Growing Cannabis Indoors – How to start

Growing Cannabis IndoorsOkay, so you are aware of what’s happening all over with the legal status of Cannabis, and you have decided to grow your own. Note that, if you want to do this properly, you cannot just get on the band-wagon, buy some seeds and grow weed. There are few things about Cannabis that are different to growing corn or wheat, especially if you want to grow your Cannabis indoors.

Growing Cannabis Indoors involves a few tricks and “how-tos” that you need to become accustomed to before you can actually begin doing just that. First off, you need to know which strains of Cannabis are particularly suited to grow indoors, and you need to choose from those strains.

I know this sounds pretty involved and difficult to do, but take heart: it’s easier than you may think. As a matter of fact, if you have the will and dedication to grow your own Cannabis, a little extra time, and enough space for your chosen strain, you’re all set for success.

So how do you begin?

How to start growing cannanis indoorsTo begin with, you need to know what you need to grow Cannabis indoors, how many plant you will begin with, etc. And then you need to obtain what is necessary. It is okay to begin with only a few plants. Since turnover on those few plant can already be quite lucrative. Determine your starting budget, and very important, do not exceed that. Also, consider the fact that you will need a monthly budget (for electricity, equipment, nutrients, etc).

You also need to consider the size of your growing spot. Note that the best strains for growing Cannabis indoors would be strains from the “Indica” group of Cannabis varieties. The reason for that is the fact that Sativa varieties have a tendency of growing too tall to be suited for an indoors garden.

Temperature, ventilation and irrigation should also be considered. Cannabis plants have specific needs regarding these three concepts. Time is also of the utmost importance. You should be able to invest AT LEAST a few hours each week within the 3-5 months that it will take you to grow your plants from seeds to harvest.

Once you have sorted out your budget, time management, etc and are sure that your space is right for what you want to do, the fun begins…

Cannabis goes by various names, such as Marijuana. Pot, Leaf, Weed, Bud, Ganja and more. All of these names refer to the dried, cured bud of the female Cannabis plants. When thinking of Cannabis, it is nearly always these dried flowers that come to mind. But note that there are literally thousands of Cannabis varieties to choose from.

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Choosing your space to grow

Cannabis can be grown indoors or outdoors, but for this particular article we wiil concentrate on growing Cannabis indoors. For most indoors growers, the question has always been “ho to grow Cannabis in a strategic and stealthy way. One does not want to be in danger of being discovered by the narcs all the time. No matter where you grow, what lights you use, how many plants you have, stealth should always be your greatest priority.

Growing in your house

Just about the safest, is to grow your Cannabis inside your house, where it will be out of sight from all who are not supposed to know that you are growing. Here are a few tips to keep your growing a secret;

Use your attic – pros and cons

Growing CannabisPros of using your attic to grow Cannabis indoors: It will be completely out of sight from anybody but you. Even friend or family won’t ask to see your attic.

There is also enough space to grow, and neighbors will not detect your activity, even with lights on. Because the attic does not have many windows for the light to shine through… if you do have windows, make sure you cover them up with something like Panda Film… or simply paint them black.

Cons of using your attic to grow Cannabis indoors: Some attics are difficult to get to. In general, attics are not that well insulated, so you may need to find a means to heat the space in winter and cool it in summer.

Aside from not producing as they should, the plants could actually die when it is either to hot or too cold in your growing space. The attic may also not have sufficient outlets for your equipment, which may end in disaster.

Another option would be your basement

Pros of using your basement to grow Cannabis indoors: Basement usually do not have windows, so no light will be visible from outside your home. There is also enough space, and the temperature always remains the same.

Cons of using your basement to grow Cannabis indoors: Only one – sometimes basement are used for social activities such as games or movies. This leaves a risk of your Cannabis plant being discovered by friends or family.

You can also use an unused closet

Growing Cannabis in the atticPros of using an unused closet to grow Cannabis indoors: Well defined space and constant room temperature.

You may not need any other resources except for some Mylar or Pand tape.

Make sure no light leaks out, and you’ll be fine.

Cons of using an unused closet to grow Cannabis indoors:

If it’s in a room or passage where people constantly pass, the danger exists that someone may open it in search of something like towels or toilet tissue and discover your plants.

Make sure that you keep the closet locked all the time in a case like that. Also, the space is small and ventilation is limited.

Your garage is also an option. You can use a grow tent inside your garage without attracting much attention as it can be explained away. You can also use stealth growth boxes for up to 2 or thee plants.

Using a Growbox for Growing Cannabis Indoors

Cannabis GrowboxFor potential growers that want to grow Cannabis using a tent, there are numerous options.

Just always remember your no 1 consideration, which is stealth.

Probably the best method to grow weed indoors would be to use a grow tent within the room where you are planning to grow your Cannabis.

There are various methods to set up your tent. Make sure that you have at least an entire afternoon to set up your tent.

First, you need to clear your space and clean up everything around the area where the tent will be. And make sure that you build your tent in the exact space where you are aiming at growing your Cannabis. Setting it up inside your living room will probably not be a good idea if you are planning to have the tent inside your basement or attic, for instance.

Note that it is best to clean the whole area before building your tent. Trying to clean as you go may prove to be a bit time consuming and frustrating.

After setting up the tent, and if you are happy with it, you can install your equipment. Beginning with your grow lights. Grow lights are invaluable to growers that cannot with safety utilize the outside environment. For people that are forced to grow indoors, grow lights are necessary in order to ensure that the plants get enough light during the “day” section of each 24 hour period. There are various types of grow lights available.

Such as fluorescent lights (compact, T5, and more), high intensity discharge (HID) lights (metal halide, high pressure sodium and ceramic metal halide) and LED lights of various intensities. Rarely, you may also be able to find so-called “induction” lights.

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Consideration of the right equipment

Growing EquipmentIn order to make a decision, you need to compare all the various types of lights and test the effects and strengths.

Whatever the case may be, you need to always keep in mind that grow lights will work as a substitute for sunlight.

And that the brightness of the grow lights should come as closely as possible to matching sunlight. Without damaging your eyes or the plants.

When hanging your lights, the best method to use id doing it by means of rope ratchets.

Rope ratchets allow you to move your light up and down without having to hang onto it in order to prevent it from falling or bumping your head.

Once you have installed your lights, you may install your exhaust fan. Most efficient is to hang the exhaust fan inside the grow tent. Once again, using rope ratchets is highly effective. Reason for the exhaust fan is to extract stale air from the tent so that it can be replaced by clean air.

The exhaust fan also makes sure that any hot air is extracted and expelled to the outside of the tent. Just make sure that is and efficient way for fresh air to get into the tent from the outside. Note that it is not a good idea to just place the exhaust fan on top of your tent or outside it. The noise may attract unwanted visitors, and that is the last thing you want to happen.

A bit of a warning: Narcs seem to have an over developed sense of smell. And Cannabis plants have a distinctive fragrance to them. To eliminate any of this fragrance that may possibly escape from the tent, it is wise and advisable to install a carbon filter.

The carbon in the filter will capture whatever smells that may be hanging in the air, ensuring safety and peace of mind when growing Cannabis indoors.

Think of the smell

Cannabis SmellTo make sure you effectively hide any smell when you open the door of the tent you may use a substance called Ona Gel. Ona Gel covers up any smell that may escape when you enter or exit your growing tent.

A specific hint is to set up your carbon filter inside the tent, attached to an additional fan inside the room where you harbor your tent. This fan would be besides the fan inside your tent. Run this fan by some Ona Gel whenever you need to quickly get rid of a smell.

Once you have set up your tent and all your equipment has been set up inside the tent you are ready to begin growing your Cannabis indoors. All you now need to do is bring in your plants. But there are still a few wise checks that you need to do, if not for anything else, then for peace of mind.

Sound is always a dead give-away when you grow weed indoors. Hanging your fans will muffle the sound, and it is also advisable to keep them clean. Which will reduce any noise they make. Air pumps and water pumps can also make a considerable noise. Try to keep them not directly on the floor, but on something that will reduce the noise. Such a plank or anything else that will reduce the noise.

Light and smell can also give you away pretty quick if you are not careful enough. You need to eliminate any chance of that happening. Turn on all your fans and pumps, and check for things like an inward bow of the tent, which means you have created a negative air pressure. This will mean that you have eliminated any chance that smells will leak into the home. Also, make sure that no light is visible when the tent door is closed.

Safety Check

Growing Cannabis SafelyMake sure that everything is securely attached and will not fall over or anything. Once this is done, you can start growing.

When all the preparations have been done and all is okay, you can begin your growing process.

Make sure you choose a strain that will not need more growing space than your tent will provide.

Indica strains are the most suitable for growing weed indoors.

Make sure your grow media, pots etc are well prepared, then add your seeds. You should be able to harvest within 3-5 months from the day that you actually plant your seeds.

There are various websites where you can find suitable seeds for Indica based varieties. Make sure that, when growing weed indoors, you buy from reputable suppliers. Feel free to browse this website. As always, browsing is completely free.

Growing Cannabis Indoors - How to start
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Growing Cannabis Indoors - How to start
Growing Cannabis Indoors involves a few tricks and “how-tos” that you need to become accustomed to before you can actually begin doing just that. First off, you need to know which strains of Cannabis are particularly suited to grow indoors, and you need to choose from those strains.
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