Feminized Cannabis Seeds – No male plants

Feminized Cannabis SeedsThe ability to produce resinous Cannabis buds lies with the female Cannabis plant. A crop of resinous buds is sought after by most producers in the Cannabis culture. And it was therefore necessary to develop a method by which to ensure that all seeds that germinate will bloom as a female plant.  Feminized Cannabis Seeds contain no male chromosomes, which is the reason for the fact they bloom as females only.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds & Medical Marijuana

medical marijuanaChoosing feminized Cannabis seeds is the ideal choice for a producer of medical Cannabis. Many potential producers of medical Cannabis do not actually progress to the stage of producing. Because of the difficulty that lies within sexing the general Cannabis plants and removing the male plants.

If removing the male plants is leftfor too long they will pollinate the female plants. Which will then produce seeded buds instead of resinous buds, resulting in a crop with a THC level that is not sufficient for the purpose for which they were cultivated. A too low level of Trichomes will render the crop virtually useless for medical purposes. Feminized Cannabis seeds are the solution to the problem.

Using feminized seeds will ensure enough time to produce good quality crop without having to sort male plants from female plants and destroy the male plants. One male plant can ruin an entire medical crop. Because one male plant can pollinate an entire room of female plants which will then produce seeded buds.

No male cannabis plant desired

no male cannabis plantWhile naturally produced crops are merely planted, allowed to grow and be naturally pollinated by a male plant.

Cultivated medical crops are produced entirely different. When using Sativa or Indica strains, it is necessary to seek out and destroy the male plant before they get a chance to pollinate the female plants.

This results in having to germinate sometimes double the necessary amount of Cannabis seeds needed and then sort males from females and destroy the male plants.

With feminized Cannabis seeds, one can actually just decide on the amount of plants needed. Germinate that amount of seeds being sure that you will only grow female plants and then cultivate an excellent crop with a high level trichomes.

Hermaphrodite as Survival method

hermaphrodite cannabis plantAs a survival mechanism, each Cannabis plant can develop the sexual organs of the opposite sex. This ability is not restricted to any one organism, and has been observed in frogs as well. That is why they can flourish all over the world in various conditions. The same is true for Cannabis plants.

Male Cannabis plants can produce feminine flowers and self-pollinate, as can female plants. It is, however, far more common for female plants to use this ability, and this has now been turned to the advantage for any person who wishes to grow medical Cannabis.

How to make feminized cannabis seeds

feminized seedsFeminized Cannabis seeds are the result of changing the genetic structure of the female plants in such a way that they are forced to produce pollen and then, rather than be pollinated by a male plant, each female plant will be pollinated by another female plant. And because these seeds contain no male chromosomes, they will flower as females and produce the desired resinous buds necessary for a good quality medical crop.

While in earlier times feminized Cannabis seeds came from plants that were naturally prone to hermaphrodite tendencies anyway. Which resulted in some difficulties because they passed their abilities on to their offspring. Newer technologies actually assure that even the most reluctant individuals can be made to produce pollen.

Note that feminized seeds are not technically female. They contain the properties of both genders. It is therefore incorrect of some suppliers to advertise so-called “100% female seeds”, which is scientifically incorrect and misleading.

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The advantage of feminized Cannabis Seeds

Whatever the case may be, using feminized Cannabis seeds will ensure a crop of good quality medical Cannabis, allowing any potential producer of medical Cannabis to do this without having to fear that their crop may be spoiled with seeded buds that were produced by a female plant that was pollinated by a male plant.

And this also ensures that the time consuming practice of sorting male plants from female plants to destroy he male plant id rendered unnecessary. And feminized seeds will ensure crops with enough of the right chemical necessary for your particular purpose.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds - No male plants
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds - No male plants
Feminized Cannabis Seeds contain no male chromosomes, which is the reason for the fact they bloom as females only. Choosing feminized Cannabis seeds is the ideal choice for a producer of medical Cannabis
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