Cannabis is undoubtedly revolutionizing health care and proving to be a game-changer in terms of dealing with fatal diseases like cancer, heart diseases, anxiety etc. It’s absolutely fine until you buy and use them, but things take a challenging turn when it comes to storing them.

When you order your dose of fresh Marijuana, it’s shipped to you in either a paper or zip lock bag. However, the real challenge occurs the moment the baggie hands it over to you because from then onwards you must keep it intact from the outer threats that harm its potency.

The read follows on How to Store Cannabis? brings to you some easy methods to save your weed from getting deteriorated quickly.

What axes the Shelf-Life of Cannabis?

What axes the Shelf-Life of Cannabis?

Similarly, it’s highly essential to consider how and where you store cannabis. The method and place will affect their life and vigor exponentially with each passing minute. Factors like temperature, light, moister everything matters to keep them fresh as always.

So, let’s dig out more and try to get a substantial idea and for that, we must consider the below-listed aspects that play a super vital role in retaining the potency of your weed for long.

No Freezing

Whenever you have to keep something fresh, the first thing that we rush towards is our refrigerator without even giving enough heed to the fact whether that specific object needs refrigeration or not. Weed is one of them because the fluctuating temperature can affect in two ways;

  • 1-It axes their freshness. 
  • 2-Freezing will lead to bacteria growth.


There are a couple of reasons to have a check at the temperature you store your weed at. Both high and low temperatures will affect the life of a cannabis bud. Going with a temperature between 10-15 degrees Celsius is the perfect option. The heat has the capacity to dry your weed and reduce the effectiveness of it.


UV  rays are not harmful to human beings, but it is for cannabis as well. Hiding the harvested cannabis bud from sunlight is pivotal to maintain its potency. Rather than sunlight, any sort of light containing UV rays can kill the buds, so darkness is better than anything for cannabis to maintain its vitality.

Light leaves a significant effect on cannabis, but in another way round. Trichomes, the multicellular outgrowths found in cannabis determines its stiffness. Light damages the trichomes and leads to the fall of the bud.


Too much oxygen is not at all preferable even though it is vital for the existence of harvested cannabis buds. Consider tightly closed containers to protect them from air circulation. What matters most is warding off the high level of humidity content in the container you keep the buds.

No to Plastic

As everywhere, while keeping cannabis say no to plastic. Keeping it in the plastic bag will allow the light, heat, and air to react with the buds. As many prefer plastic bags, the use has normalized, and the normalization cannot always justify the fact. So, do not use plastic.

The Preferable Keeping Method

The Preferable Keeping Method

As you have understood the factors that cause enough harm to your weed, you must store it wisely to keep its vivacity intact. For that, a glass jar with a tight lid is the most salubrious way to keep the buds potent for long. Besides, you have to keep it in a dark place, and lastly keep away from air, heat, and light.

How Long Can Cannabis Stay Fresh?

It’s a fact that weed comes with no expiry date, yet storing it wisely is essential because this way you can retain its quality and effect. But when it is transformed to oil, each one will have the expiry date and it matters a lot. There are various brands released for these cbd oils, so be cautious by checking the best brands and longest expiry for more and safe use.

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