Cannabis Seeds Denver – Info & Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Denver - Info & Seeds

Are you living in Denver and looking to get some high-quality seeds that will allow you to enjoy your own cannabis yield? Growing your own plants is more challenging than buying the ready-made products available in special dispensaries, but the reward and satisfaction are greater when you end up enjoying plant products you grew with your own hands.

But for this, you need to find a reliable provider of cannabis seeds in Denver that will give you precisely the seeds of the cannabis strain you’re looking to grow.

Still, finding cannabis seeds is not such an easy task because the cultivation and multiplication process in the case of cannabis needs time, patience, and attention. So, make sure you do proper research before choosing to buy cannabis seeds and you will enjoy amazing plants.

High Quality Cannabis Seeds

If you have serious thoughts about growing cannabis plants, you will get to see that they require a good amount of effort, passion, and dedication.

According to those that specialized in the field of cultivating cannabis plants for their seeds, know that it takes anywhere between two to three years to be able to obtain great quality cannabis seeds that can be sold to others that would like to get involved into the cannabis cultivating activity.

If you are ambitious and willing to invest a good part of your time to produce your own cannabis seeds, you could do so, once you get your hands on exceptional quality cannabis seeds that will help you get started.

But, again, do have in mind that you will need to do a lot of research in order to get all the information you need about how to grow cannabis plants and how to get the much-needed seeds.

Also, you need to be aware of the fact that you will need a variety of tools and items, and you will have to make sure that your plants will enjoy the best conditions if you want to obtain a good yield.

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Where to buy Cannabis Seeds in Denver

High Quality Cannabis Seeds

But, let us get back to our subject, which will help you find the best places to buy cannabis seeds in Denver. We did the hard work of browsing through the menus of the online stores of cannabis-based products in Denver, checking to see which of them have seeds for sale.

We found a few, so the next step is for you to take a good look at them and see which of these seeds are what you need. If you live in Denver, of course you can also order your cannabis seeds via our seed shop.

The Green Solution

This is one of the best dispensaries you can choose when it comes to outstanding cannabis products, including everything you need to grow the plants at home. Unlike some of the providers on the market, The Green Solution sells what it produces on its own, selecting, in the case of seeds, those that respect the highest standards.

The biggest advantage of choosing this dispensary in Denver is the incredible diversity of products you can find here. Starting with clones and seeds, and ending up with female pollen, the shop has everything you need to start a cannabis growing venture on your own.

But, speaking of pollen, this is not something a beginner should get because it is extremely difficult to pollinate the cannabis plants on your own without proper training and experience.

The farm

This is another incredible shop to have in mind if you plan growing cannabis plants. The seed packs they provide, which contain a variety of cannabis seeds, are more than great when it comes to experimenting with the process of growing cannabis plants.

It is also worth mentioning that the company produces the seeds on its own, to make sure that they are coming from plants with a desirable aspect and potency level.

Thus, you can be sure that the seeds provided by The Farm are exactly as they claim to be, with no unwanted surprises. And, to come in the aid of those of you that are just getting started in this domain, the shop has a special page on their website that provides valuable information about how to successfully germinate cannabis seeds, which is the hardest part of this process.

14er Holistics

Many cannabis seeds providers stopped this sector of their business, as it consumes time, resources, and effort, being more comfortable for them to find seeds suppliers instead. But, this is one of the shops that continued creating amazing strains and selling excellent seeds over the years, activities that 14er Holistics is doing since 2009.

The shop is also known for the creation of several potent and rare strains of cannabis, so you can be sure that you’re buying from the best if you choose this particular shop, as their products are top notch.

303 Seeds

If you are looking for cannabis seeds that are producing plants with high levels of CBD or resin, then this is the place to visit. Being one of the most appreciated cannabis breeders in Colorado, 303 Seeds developed quite a few amazing strains over the years, continuing its exceptional work in the field.

There are quite a few locations where you can find this particular shop, so make sure you pay it a visit if you are looking to get some of the best cannabis seeds in Denver.

Dutsch Girl

The offspring of the CannaPunch, a shop that built quite a reputation in Denver for its great cannabis products, Dutch Girl is a shop capable of providing a wide variety of strains to choose from.

Thus, here you can find hybrids but also strains that are Indica or Sativa in a proportion of 100%. You can get a maximum number of 9 seeds out of the same strain if you want to focus on growing one single type of cannabis, or you can enjoy their variety packs, which will enable you to experiment and see which strains answer to your needs in the best way possible.

With such a promising product portfolio, it won’t be such a big surprise if more Dutch Girl shops will start popping around Denver soon.

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Featured Products

How to get a Medical Cannabis Card – MMJ Card

How to get a Medical Cannabis Card
How to get a Medical Cannabis Card

The easiest way “How to get a Medical Cannabis Card”. 29 glorious states and the district of columbia now have laws that broadly legalize cannabis, in some form.

But, the majority of these states still require would-be legal smokers to receive medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician, before entering those golden dispensary gates.

If you’re having visions of your eighty year old family doctor freaking out, when you asked him about toking up. Don’t fret just yet. Getting your med card doesn’t have to be a headache.

Here are the fastest and easiest ways you can get a license to light up.

The traditional way to get an Medical Marijuana Card

The traditional way that weed patients can get an mmj-card is by visiting a 420 doctor in person. If you choose to go the irl route, there are many downsides. If you live in an area where medical mj doctors are hard to come by, you could face long wait times, rushed consultations, sketchy locales and ridiculous fees.

Also note, that in many states getting a local weed card allows anyone, including potential employers to search databases of id’s, to find out if you use cannabis. So not exactly fitting if you enjoy a little thing called privacy.

A better way to get a Medical Marijuana Card


It’s 100% legit and it’s right on the internet. In the last few years, there’s been an influx of online services that will screen individuals for cannabis use, by connecting doctors with patients using video chat.

Sites and app´s like Hellomd, Eazemd and Nuggmd have physicians available to discuss how marijuana can benefit your health. And get you smoking some times as soon as that same day.

The procedure when applying for a Medical Marijuana Card

Typically users are asked to submit basic information, such as their address, state id and relevant medical history, before being connected to a doctor via chat or video call.

After completing the online visit, patience will receive a digital copy of their letter of recommendation, which they can use to order weed as a treatment for their medical condition or ailment.

A couple days later, clients receive hard copies of their letters in the mail, which are valid for one year. The best part the pricing is completely affordable. Usually ranging from about forty to sixty dollars, depending on shipping and other options you might choose.

And if you already have your medical card but it’s time for a renewal, these services have you covered for that as well.

So if you have ten minutes to spare and want to drastically improve your health and life with the joys of cannabis join the 1.5 million people currently boasting their weed cards. You don’t even have to leave your house to do it.

Cannabis Seeds Oregon – Info & Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Oregon
cannabis seeds oregon

2016 came with a few changes in the laws concerning the possession and cultivation of cannabis, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. As a result, very many Americans can now use and even grow their own cannabis plants, without being afraid that they will have to face criminal allegations.

Of course, this is not applicable in all the states of the US. But, if you live in Oregon, it is worth knowing that you can buy and cultivate cannabis seeds in your own home, and enjoy the benefits of having the plants at your disposal.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Oregon

So, buying cannabis seeds in Oregon is not illegal, nor hard to find either. Still, do have in mind that the market is lacking proper regulations, which are needed to determine the quality standards and protect the customer, so you need to be careful from where you choose to buy your seeds.

Opt for reliable and reputable providers only, if you want to make sure that you are getting what you paid for and that the quality of the seeds is the best. Before purchasing cannabis seeds in Oregon, you should check out the strains that produced the seeds.

As you will find out, there are quite a few cannabis strains out there, the providers with extensive experience in this domain competing with each other when it comes to developing new strains that can answer to an even wider set of requirements.

  • Do you need a cannabis strain that is rich in CBD?
  • Would you like a potent strain of cannabis?
  • How about flavor and taste?

There are quite a few questions you need to answer first, so you will know what kind of seed you need to buy.

What to look for when buying seeds

buying cannabis seeds

If you are just starting out and you’re not that familiar with the available cannabis strains, you can always opt for seed packages that offer a variety of seeds coming from different strains. This way, you will get to see which strains are more convenient to grow in your case and which ones offer the taste, flavor, and results you desire.

But, besides the previously mentioned aspects, there are other factors you need to consider before buying cannabis seeds in Oregon. Before you buy anything, check out the reviews concerning a particular type of seed and its provider.

  • See what people have to say about it before throwing your money out the window.
  • It is worth knowing that there are some strains more suitable to be cultivated indoors, while others do great outside, in your garden.

Of course, like any other types of plants, you will have to plant your cannabis seeds outside when the weather is warm enough. Or, you can germinate the seeds indoors, where it is sufficiently warm, and transplant them outside when the weather allows you to do so.

Consider the location where you like to grow your seeds

So, yes, you will need to do some research when it comes to the needs and requirements of cannabis seeds, as each strain has its own particularities and necessities in order to reach maturity and provide a good yield.

Almost any kind of cannabis seeds can be grown indoors, if you have the right kind of equipment to ensure the required conditions. For some, this is the best way to do it, as it is easier to control the environment indoors than outdoors, although it will require some investments on your part.

Growing cannabis outdoors is much cheaper, but you will depend on the weather and the development of the plants will be slower because you cannot increase the quantity of light or warmth according to your desire.

But, speaking about growing conditions, you should also know that there are some cannabis strains that were particularly developed to be cultivated indoors or outdoors, so do see if there are any specifications concerning this aspect before purchasing any type of seeds.

Are you wondering what kind of cannabis seeds can be found in Oregon?

Well, you have quite a few to choose from, as this business developed once the laws changed in this state.

So, depending on the purpose for which you are going to grow the cannabis plants, there are providers that will offer the right kind of seeds. Just take a look below to see some of the best cannabis seeds in Oregon.

  • CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This is an exceptional strain to grow if you need a cannabis strain for its health benefits. If you get this kind of seeds, you will enjoy a pleasant fruity flavor, with notes of blueberries, and a relaxing effect that is more than welcome in the case of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The strain is famous for having low THC levels, of only 7%, while providing high CBD levels, matching the amount of THC at 7% as well.

Thus, at this percentage, the CBD will block the psychoactive effects of the THC, so you will feel only its relaxing effects without any alteration of your state of mind. Buy Blueberry Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

  • Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you need a cannabis strain for recreational purposes, you will love this balanced strain that provides exceptional results.

The hybrid takes the best parts from Indica and Sativa plants alike, so you will enjoy the advantages only.

Having a pleasant citrusy flavor, which resembles a mix of oranges and lemons, the strain gives you the chance to calm down and relax.

Reaching a happy mood, but keeping your alertness and ability to unroll a conversation without a problem.

So, the strain has sufficient amounts of THC that will allow you to take things down a notch, but without making you feel overwhelmed by the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Buy Jack Herer Autoflowering Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Oregon: Conclusion

In the end, it really matters what kind of results you want to obtain from your cannabis plants.

These two strains are just two mere examples of what you can find on the market, so make sure you read the information connected to a type of seed before buying it.

While there’s nothing wrong in experimenting with various strains of cannabis, it is important to get the desired effect, especially if you have a health problem that you’re looking to control with the help of cannabis.

Of course you can also take a look on all of our Cannabis Seeds (Strains): Cannabis Seed Shop – Worldwide

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Cannabis Seeds Colorado – Info & Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Colorado FI
Cannabis Seeds Colorado

Cannabis Seeds Colorado; For a while now, people in Colorado can easily grow marijuana in their homes, if it is intended for personal use. Enjoying the passing of such a law, more and more people are now interested in getting cannabis seeds, so they can enjoy cannabis plants at their disposal.

But, regardless if you are planning to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, you will need some plant material to get started.

Finding cannabis seeds in Colorado is not such a tricky business, although you may want to make sure that the seeds you get are of high quality and that they can produce cannabis plants coming from a strain with the desired results.

So, don’t buy cannabis seeds if you haven’t made sufficient research before taking this step.

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Growing Cannabis Seeds Colorado
growing cannabis seeds california

When it comes to growing cannabis plants, it is worth knowing that growing the plants outdoors is cheaper and easier than growing them indoors, in spite of what you may think.

While growing cannabis indoors has its advantages, like the ability to control the environment and the absence of pests and diseases, it is quite expensive to do so because you need various types of equipment in order to provide the right conditions needed by your plants, like light, ventilation, and humidity.

So, it is easier and cheaper to grow cannabis outdoors, although it will depend very much on the season and temperature. Just like in the case of many other plants, the marijuana seeds will need warmth in order to germinate.

This is why the best time of the year to plant your seeds is in the spring when the air outside got warm enough.

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Starting a Cannabis Plantation in Colorado
Starting a Cannabis Plantation in Colorado

When wishing to start your own cannabis plantation, you can do this with the help of seeds or clones. Clones are considered by many beginners as the easiest method, since you already get a plant, or at least a part of it, instead of getting a bunch of seeds that you have to germinate.

But, do have in mind that clones are not the same as a seedling. They are parts of the plant that were removed, with the purpose of growing them roots so they can have a chance at developing into a fully matured plant.

Still, there are quite a few risks associated with using clones, one of these risks being the lack of proper roots, which means that the clone will not survive once you transplant it.

Also, you can bring it bugs and pests with clones, so you need to make sure that they come from a clean environment.

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Cannabis Seeds or Clones in Colorado
cannabis seeds or clones

So, it would be much better to opt for seeds, even if they need some extra patience and caution. When it comes to seeds, you can start the process however you like, having the certainty that they don’t carry any bugs.

Just do some research first and find the most reliable provides of cannabis seeds in Colorado and you will see that it is not that complicated to grow these plants from ground zero.

There is plenty of information concerning this matter on our website, so you won’t have any troubles getting started right away.

Just make sure you have the proper tools and other necessary items, like soil, small potting recipients, a water bottle with a sprayer, so you can gently pulverize water onto the soil and Marijuana Seeds, and so on.

At first, right after you planted your cannabis seeds, you don’t need too many things, as the seeds require light,  warmth and moisture only to get started.

As the seedlings emerge, their needs will change so you need to be prepared to meet them. If you take good care of your plants, they will repay you with a gorgeous yield you will definitely enjoy.

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Where to buy Cannabis Seeds in California

Talking about cannabis seeds in Colorado and the places where you can find the best, here are a few locations that will not disappoint you.

Check them out and find the see of that particular cannabis strain that will provide the effects you’re looking to get.

House of Dankness
House of Dankness

Located in Denver, this company has been developing exceptional cannabis strains for the last 30 years. The team behind this dedicated a lot of effort, time, and resources to improve the genetics of their cannabis strains, so you can be sure that you’re going to get outstanding products if you choose them.

They even produced strains that won several accolades due to their amazing quality, Ghost Train Haze #1 and Rug Burn OG being the name of these strains.

Also, it is worth mentioning that House of Dankness constantly changes their cannabis seeds variety, depending on what they manage to obtain in their laboratories, so it is worth paying them periodic visits and get the latest strains on the market.

Colorado Seed Inc.
Colorado Seed Inc.

This is a provider that started its activity back in 2008, producing 24 different cannabis strains since then.

While the company sells wholesale only, there is a way to buy the desired quantity by checking out online stores that provide the brand’s products in smaller batches.

This is why you can find the seeds produced by Colorado Seed Inc. in a number of locations, both in brick-and-mortar stores and in online shops as well.

The Green Solution – Rezen8 Seeds

The Rezen8 seeds are known for their excellent quality, as the brand uses popular TGS strains for crossing them with Barberry Brute, a cannabis male strain owned exclusively by Rezen8, which was picked due to the fact that it can produce plants with a high quantity of resin and can lead to rich yields.

The Green Solution – Rezen8 Seeds

The plants that result from these crossings are highly stable from a genetic point of view and are suitable both for beginners in this field and experts alike.

You can check our Online Store with the biggest collection of high quality cannabis seeds for Colorado.


So, now you have the basic information to start growing cannabis on your own. All you need, besides the newly acquired knowledge, is the willingness to get started and some patience.

And, of course, don’t forget that it is not a tragedy if your first results are not that favorable. Be perseverant and your efforts will pay off.

Cannabis Seeds California – Info and Seeds

cannabis seeds california
cannabis seeds california

It is well known that the status of cannabis is different from one state to another, as some of them decided to make the purchase and use of cannabis legal, although they are still debating some aspects of this matter, while others didn’t make this step just yet. So, even if it may not be allowed for shops that sell cannabis to exist or people to buy it. However, you could purchase cannabis seeds if you order them online, whether you are looking for cannabis seeds California or in another state.

Shopping Cannabis Seeds Online

The laws concerning online shopping are more relaxed, so no one will be able to know if you’re doing it. Also, no one can stop you from putting those seeds in a pot. While things may change in the future, as cannabis starts to be recognized for its health benefits and not just for its recreational purposes, this is how the rules are today.

If you will run a search over the Internet, you will see that there is a wide variety of cannabis seeds available. What is the difference between all these seeds? Each of them come from plants that have particular properties, like high potency, flavor, and aroma.

Cannabis Variety of your choice
Cannabis Variety of your choice

So, if you find a cannabis variety that interests you and you buy the seeds, then you can start growing precisely that variety and enjoy its properties. So, before making your final choice, it is recommended to do some research and find out as many details as possible about the variety that interests you. This is how you’ll make sure that the plants you are about to grow will provide the desired effects.

Also, there are some varieties that are easier to grow indoors, in pots for example, and others that are pickier when it comes to their favorable environmental conditions. So, doing some research will also give you the certainty that you will successfully manage to grow cannabis, even if it is the first you’re doing it.

Different laws for cannabis seeds and plants

Also, it is worth knowing that why there’s nothing wrong with buying and owning cannabis seeds, once they germinate and start turning into a plant, the rules of the game change. This is when your activity turns into an illegal one if you live in a state where growing and using marijuana is not allowed.

So, growing cannabis plants outdoors in such conditions can be a risky job. Thus, before you launch into anything, do make sure to know what are the consequences of this activity and what are the precise regulations concerning cannabis in your state, as they are constantly subjected to change.

Legislation of Cannabis & Seeds in California
welcome to california

At the moment, California allows people to smoke and possess cannabis, so, you have all the reasons to start growing your own cannabis. The cultivation of up to 6 cannabis plants for private use is allowed in California. The requirements are that you are at least 21 years old. But do not carry more than 28 gram (1 ounce) with you.

But why opt for depositing all that effort to grow a plant from seeds when you could easily buy the product ready to be used?

First and most important, you can’t legally buy marijuana or a cannabis plant in california, unless you have registered for the medical marijuana card. But as mentioned before, if you are at least 21 years old you can grow your own marijuana, without having a medical marijuana card. And someone can give you a cannabis plant. Or you can buy Marijuana Seeds and grow it from start.

Well, if you want to be sure of the quality of the cannabis you are using, there’s no better way to do this than by growing the plants on your own. And, of course, the yield of a profitable crop, from a financial point of view, is far more lucrative than buying your cannabis buds.

Cannabis Growing Overview for Non Medical Marijuana Card User in California

  • Non Medical Card Owner must be at least 21 years old
  • You cannot buy Cannabis / Marijuana in Dispensaries without a medical Marijuana Card
  • Up to 6 Cannabis Plants are allowd to grow for personal use
  • Be discret! Grow only where you live, where it cannot be seen and lock it
  • Up to 28,5 grams are allow to posses. Do not carry more with you. Leave the rest at home
  • Cities can prohibit outdoor growing, but not indoor growing
More than enough reasons to grow your own cannabis

You see, while it is allowed to use cannabis, the market is not yet regulated as it should, so, if you’re not paying sufficient attention, you may end up buying poor quality products.

If you chose to grow cannabis, you can opt for a strain that answers your needs, like a low THC content but rich CBD content, which is more than capable of providing a lot of health benefits for a variety of illnesses and health conditions.

Not to mention that growing your own cannabis will make the moment of using your yield an incredible reward, considering the effort, patience, and dedication you invested into the process.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in California
cannabis seeds california

When it comes to finding the best cannabis seeds in California, you will have plenty to choose from, just make sure that the provider is reliable. And, of course, before buying your seeds, make up your mind about where you’re going to grow your new cannabis plants.

You see, there are cannabis seeds more suitable for indoor growing and more that do better when cultivated outdoors. So, yes, it counts what kind of seeds you purchase when planning to grow the plants in a particular manner.

Find a huge assortment of high quality cannabis seeds to buy in California.

Growing Cannabis California Outdoors

Some Cities in California can prohibit outdoor growing of cannabis. Make sure you know the rules of your city. Be discreet in any case and avoid that the plants can be seen by others

The cheapest and easiest way to grow cannabis plants would be outdoors, but you’ll have little control over the environmental factors, plus you’ll have to wait for the plants to mature in order to enjoy their yield, which takes several months to complete.

Also, do note that when growing cannabis outdoors, you need to start the process in the spring, when the weather is warm enough, having the patience to harvest the plants in autumn.

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Indoor Growing Cannabis California

Growing the plants indoors, however, is a different story. You are allowed to legally grow up to 6 cannabis plants at home. It takes much less time to obtain plants ready to harvest when growing them in a controlled environment, so if you want to speed up things, this is the way to go.

This is due to the fact that you can control the light, moisture, nutrient levels, practically everything that can make a plant thrive.

But, do have in mind that growing cannabis indoor can be quite expensive. You will need special lights to make sure that they get enough of it during the day. You will also need to make sure they are warm enough, but not too warm; that the room is ventilated properly; and that the humidity levels are kept at ideal values. So, even though you have everything in control when using this method, it is not an easy task to look after your plants, so it will quite a challenge.

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So, as you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when looking to grow cannabis on your own. But many cannabis growers around the world would love to have the privilege, as in California, to legally grow their own cannabis.

But first, you need to find the best cannabis seeds in California, depending on the effects you would like to obtain from the mature plant.

Then, based on the needs of those seeds and the method you’re planning to use, you need to set up all the details before actually starting your cannabis crop. Thus, some research is needed if you want to make sure that you’ll enjoy a great yield in the end.