Cannabis Seeds Colorado; For a while now, people in Colorado can easily grow marijuana in their homes, if it is intended for personal use. Enjoying the passing of such a law, more and more people are now interested in getting cannabis seeds, so they can enjoy cannabis plants at their disposal.

But, regardless if you are planning to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, you will need some plant material to get started.

Finding cannabis seeds in Colorado is not such a tricky business, although you may want to make sure that the seeds you get are of high quality and that they can produce cannabis plants coming from a strain with the desired results.

So, don’t buy cannabis seeds if you haven’t made sufficient research before taking this step.

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Growing Cannabis Seeds Colorado
growing cannabis seeds california

When it comes to growing cannabis plants, it is worth knowing that growing the plants outdoors is cheaper and easier than growing them indoors, in spite of what you may think.

While growing cannabis indoors has its advantages, like the ability to control the environment and the absence of pests and diseases, it is quite expensive to do so because you need various types of equipment in order to provide the right conditions needed by your plants, like light, ventilation, and humidity.

So, it is easier and cheaper to grow cannabis outdoors, although it will depend very much on the season and temperature. Just like in the case of many other plants, the marijuana seeds will need warmth in order to germinate.

This is why the best time of the year to plant your seeds is in the spring when the air outside got warm enough.

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Starting a Cannabis Plantation in Colorado
Starting a Cannabis Plantation in Colorado

When wishing to start your own cannabis plantation, you can do this with the help of seeds or clones. Clones are considered by many beginners as the easiest method, since you already get a plant, or at least a part of it, instead of getting a bunch of seeds that you have to germinate.

But, do have in mind that clones are not the same as a seedling. They are parts of the plant that were removed, with the purpose of growing them roots so they can have a chance at developing into a fully matured plant.

Still, there are quite a few risks associated with using clones, one of these risks being the lack of proper roots, which means that the clone will not survive once you transplant it.

Also, you can bring it bugs and pests with clones, so you need to make sure that they come from a clean environment.

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Cannabis Seeds or Clones in Colorado
cannabis seeds or clones

So, it would be much better to opt for seeds, even if they need some extra patience and caution. When it comes to seeds, you can start the process however you like, having the certainty that they don’t carry any bugs.

Just do some research first and find the most reliable provides of cannabis seeds in Colorado and you will see that it is not that complicated to grow these plants from ground zero.

There is plenty of information concerning this matter on our website, so you won’t have any troubles getting started right away.

Just make sure you have the proper tools and other necessary items, like soil, small potting recipients, a water bottle with a sprayer, so you can gently pulverize water onto the soil and Marijuana Seeds, and so on.

At first, right after you planted your cannabis seeds, you don’t need too many things, as the seeds require light,  warmth and moisture only to get started.

As the seedlings emerge, their needs will change so you need to be prepared to meet them. If you take good care of your plants, they will repay you with a gorgeous yield you will definitely enjoy.

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Where to buy Cannabis Seeds in California

Talking about cannabis seeds in Colorado and the places where you can find the best, here are a few locations that will not disappoint you.

Check them out and find the see of that particular cannabis strain that will provide the effects you’re looking to get.

House of Dankness
House of Dankness

Located in Denver, this company has been developing exceptional cannabis strains for the last 30 years. The team behind this dedicated a lot of effort, time, and resources to improve the genetics of their cannabis strains, so you can be sure that you’re going to get outstanding products if you choose them.

They even produced strains that won several accolades due to their amazing quality, Ghost Train Haze #1 and Rug Burn OG being the name of these strains.

Also, it is worth mentioning that House of Dankness constantly changes their cannabis seeds variety, depending on what they manage to obtain in their laboratories, so it is worth paying them periodic visits and get the latest strains on the market.

Colorado Seed Inc.
Colorado Seed Inc.

This is a provider that started its activity back in 2008, producing 24 different cannabis strains since then.

While the company sells wholesale only, there is a way to buy the desired quantity by checking out online stores that provide the brand’s products in smaller batches.

This is why you can find the seeds produced by Colorado Seed Inc. in a number of locations, both in brick-and-mortar stores and in online shops as well.

The Green Solution – Rezen8 Seeds

The Rezen8 seeds are known for their excellent quality, as the brand uses popular TGS strains for crossing them with Barberry Brute, a cannabis male strain owned exclusively by Rezen8, which was picked due to the fact that it can produce plants with a high quantity of resin and can lead to rich yields.

The Green Solution – Rezen8 Seeds

The plants that result from these crossings are highly stable from a genetic point of view and are suitable both for beginners in this field and experts alike.

You can check our Online Store with the biggest collection of high quality cannabis seeds for Colorado.


So, now you have the basic information to start growing cannabis on your own. All you need, besides the newly acquired knowledge, is the willingness to get started and some patience.

And, of course, don’t forget that it is not a tragedy if your first results are not that favorable. Be perseverant and your efforts will pay off.