Cannabis Seeds – A Brief Overview

cannabis seedsLike Holly, Asparagus, Persimmons, Juniper bushes, Cypress trees and more, Cannabis falls within the dioecious category of plants. The term “dioecious” means that the species consist of female plants and male plants. Cannabis seeds will produce plants of both genders. Some Cannabis seeds will produce male plants and some Cannabis seeds will produce female plants.

Reproduction of dioecious plants take place when the female plant is pollinated by a male plant. Obviously, this will lead to the female Cannabis plant producing Cannabis seeds.

Due to certain factors, some female Cannabis plants can produce male Cannabis flowers which can produce pollen and pollinate the female Cannabis plants in its immediate surroundings. This condition is known as hermaphroditism.

Female Cannabis plants are grown without any male plants being in the immediate surroundings of the plants. This is to ensure the production of “sinsemilla” which are seedless Marijuana flowers with high potency.

Getting back to normal Cannabis Plants

When the flower of a female Cannabis plant is pollinated by the male Cannabis plant, the female flower is fertilized and starts forming Cannabis seeds. And when the Cannabis seeds mature, each of them has the potential to grow a brand new plant.

This is how reproduction has been taking place since the Cannabis species came into being millennia ago. Cannabis seeds can also be turned into medicines, food products and Hemp Seed Oil

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis SeedsThe tendency of certain of the Cannabis plants to become hermaphroditic has now been turned to the advantage of Cannabis growers. By applying certain scientific methods, this hermaphroditic condition can now be induced in the Cannabis plants. Methods used include spraying colloidal silver, a method known as Rodelization and spraying gibberellic acid. The latter being much less common than the other two.

Cannabis plants that were produced this way are almost identical to Cannabis plants produced via the hermaphroditic method, but feminized plants has only one set of genes, since the male genes have been removed by means of genetic modification. This can be referred to as one type of cloning called “cloning by seed”.

Because the process of identifying a completely stable mother plant for Cannabis seeds is a lengthy and costly method, most feminized seed producers do not bother doing that. Note that a great percentage of feminized seeds end up being hermaphrodites. This can result in flowers that contain Cannabis seeds within them.

Subsequently, not many experienced growers will actually use feminized Cannabis seeds. Fact remains that feminized Cannabis seeds should in any case never be used for cultivating purposes or producing new strains.

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis SeedsCannabis plants usually needs a specific light cycle (photoperiod, or length of time they are exposed to light each day). In order to flower at exactly the right time. Cannabis plants are highly sensitive to certain weather conditions, And it can be disastrous for the grower when their plants are in full vegetation when instead they should have been blooming.

The species Cannabis Ruderalis provided the answer to this problem when it mutated to the effect that it is no longer dependent on the light cycle in order to bloom. While regular Cannabis plants need light cycles of between 12 and 14 hours per day in order to bloom correctly.

Rudelaris can bloom with light cycles of any length. Rudelaris will begin flowering once the plant reaches a certain age and does not depend on a change in the photoperiod. Because of this attribute, Cannabis Rudelaris has become the foundation plant of over a 1000 of Cannabis seed strains.

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The Properties of Cannabis Ruderalis

Being a low THC Cannabis plant, Rudelaris has been cross-cultivated with various Cannabis varieties that are more potent than Rudelaris. In order to develop other more potent auto-flowering Cannabis strains. These new strains will always result in the production of either Indica Cannabis strains, or Sativa Cannabis strains, or hybrid-like Cannabis strains.

All of which will produce Cannabis flowers that will begin their blooming the moment that the plants reach maturity.

The success of this method of cross-cultivating Rudelaris with more potent strains to produce plants that will flower when they reach maturity. And that do not need a particular light cycle (photoperiod), has ensured that growers living in climates where summer periods are short and followed by cold and wet fall periods, have been welcomed by growers across the world.

Auto-flowering strains has the benefit that Cannabis seeds can be germinate during the early spring period. So that they can bloom during the longest months of summer in order to utilize as much light of high quality as possible for the maximum potential of good quality harvests possible.

Note that, while clone mother plants can be kept in a state of vegetation, auto-flowering strains cannot be kept in a vegetative state.

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Difference between Cannabis Seeds & Clones

Cannabis Seeds and clonesWhile Cannabis seeds contain genetic information from two parent Cannabis plants (a mother and a father), Cannabis clones are plants grown from cuttings taken from a mature Cannabis plant. A clone will grow to be identical to the plant it was taken from. And technically, one can consider the parents of the original Cannabis plant to also be the parents of the clone plant.

Where Cannabis seeds are planted in a medium, germinated and then cultivated to become mature plants. Cannabis clones are taken from a mature plant, placed in a medium to be allowed to produce roots. Once it has grown roots, it can be cultivated to become a mature Cannabis plant which will be genetically identical to the one it was cut from.

As stated above, Cannabis seeds contain genetic information from two parent Cannabis plants. This genetic information can be expressed in various ways, making it difficult to cultivate Cannabis plants from Cannabis seeds that are all identical. Doing that is a time consuming process.

Most growers will much rater just take a number of cuttings from a mature plant that has proven its worth, whether grown personally or acquired from another grower. The mother plant’s good attributes will then be displayed in all of its clones.

Cannabis seeds can be found from reputable suppliers. Excellent quality Cannabis seeds can be obtained from either the UK or the Netherlands.

The legality of Cannabis seeds mostly depends on where you live.

Good Quality Cannabis Seeds

Quality cannabis seedsVarious factors determine whether Cannabis seeds are of a good quality or not.

First off, they have to be allowed to mature before you harvest them. And they have to be stored under certain conditions to avoid spoilage. They have to be stored in a dark place and used within a certain time period. Or else they will need to be frozen for future use.

Genetics play a large role. Cannabis seeds that are meant for cultivating plants should contains the genes of good parents in order to make them viable.

Genetics are an intricate process, and as with breeding dogs. A certain research period should be able to back the objective of why any specific Cannabis seed should be considered a good Cannabis seed.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. To learn more about Cannabis seeds and other aspects of Cannabis, please stay a while and browse our website. As always, browsing is completely free.

Cannabis Seeds - A Brief Overview
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Cannabis Seeds - A Brief Overview
Like Holly, Asparagus, Persimmons, Juniper bushes, Cypress trees and more, Cannabis falls within the dioecious category of plants. The term “dioecious” means that the species consist of female plants and male plants. Cannabis seeds will produce plants of both genders.
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