Buying Weed Online – What you should consider

Buying Weed Online

Well, whatever you do, do NOT just go ahead blindly, buying weed online from just any person advertising on the web or in a magazine. Like anything bought online, you may be eaten by sharks, ending up sitting with green infertile seeds of weed eaten rotten by insects. And you also may walk into an unexpected bust by the local police sheriff. Because the freak that sold you the stuff knows squat about packaging weed correctly.

Or they do know how, but they don’t care. There are some nasty immoral fellows out there that are just in it for the money. And they don’t care about the quality (or lack of quality) of what they shove your way. Once they have your hard earned cash in their wallet, they disappear.

You may have seen ads in magazines or on platforms like Ebay, Facebook, Google and Twitter of seeds (or weed) of a specific strain available for a fair price and you might consider getting your seeds or weed from the advertiser. But please be careful. Most of these “fly by night” people trying to make a “fast buck” selling weed online or in magazines cannot be trusted. That is why they are called “fly by nights”.

Don´t get ripped of by buying weed online

buying cannabis onlineWhen buying weed online from these sharks you will get ripped off, losing your cash and probably your dignity. And you won’t even know where to find them to try and get your money back. Because people such as these change their email addresses daily and they NEVER let their victims have their physical addresses. There are enough viable options out there without grabbing at the last resort first, so buy your weed elsewhere.

You may wonder at the harsh tone, but it is necessary to protect beginners. Who do not know where to go to get quality weed and Marijuana seeds online. As I said: when buying weed online, there are enough viable options out there without grabbing at the last resort first. You just have to know where to look to find reputable suppliers and growers online that supply good quality weed and Marijuana seeds.

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Growing your own weed – The better alternative

grow your own weedGrowing your own Marijuana from seeds bought online is a good idea, since your plants will be more vigorous and of a better quality than plants cloned from other plants.

And finding a reputable website that you can trust is easier than you think. Just Google “buying weed online” and you will get to a website, such as this one that you are on now, that supplies excellent quality Marijuana seeds.

We have quality information about various strains and what each strain is good for. In a nutshell, we tell you everything you need to know even BEFORE you spend a penny. That is one of the main advantages of surfing the web for reputable websites when buying weed online.

Tips for buying weed online

Tipps for buying weed online

  • First off, make sure whether you live in a state where weed is legal, or not. If weed is not legal where you live, then make sure you keep the fact under wraps that you are buying Marijuana seeds online. And if you buy your weed from someone reputable, you do not need to worry about being busted. Most reputable suppliers will make sure that the seeds are packaged in such a way that it will pass customs and cannot be “sniffed out” by the post office. Not sure about police dogs, but in most cases you will not have to worry about that either.
  • Don’t advertise to everyone what you are doing when buying weed online. Or when collecting your seeds from the post office. Tell them you are looking for best prices on purified water or you are going to buy bubble gum or something similar… anything, as long as you don’t tell them the truth. Always remember: a secret remains a secret only until you tell it to someone else.
  • Never arrange a shipment of weed bought online to where you intend planting your newly acquired Marijuana seeds. This is just an addition to the “secret” policy above. You do NOT want anyone to know that you are growing weed. So do NOT put yourself in a position where anyone (that means anyone, even your brother or best friend) can accidentally open a package because they think it may be a new CD or DVD or something.
  • The best methods to pay for weed bought online are the ones that leave no trails. However, if you are not comfortable sending cash, then use a prepaid visa. Payoneer is an excellent new method. Paypal also works well.
  • Once again, rather be safe than sorry and buy weed online from a reputable seed bank. And make sure ship to an actual address. A package pitching unexpectedly at the post office with an address that sounds somewhat suspect will invoke suspicion from post office officials that have been working the beats for years or decades.
  • Finally, remember that it is better to make various small purchases of weed online than to put in one massive order. If a package does get intercepted, it is better for it to be only 1 of 10 small shipments that the big one that you have used your entire life’s savings for. And remember that patience is key. Physical shipments take longer than buying an e-book from Amazon. Relax while you wait for your Marijuana or weed package.

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Buying Weed Online - What you should consider
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Buying Weed Online - What you should consider
Well, whatever you do, do NOT just go ahead blindly, buying weed online from just any person advertising on the web or in a magazine.
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