Cannabis smokers are an industrial bunch. If you’ve ever seen a cannabis connoisseur without a way to smoke, they can get pretty handy. That extends to finding new ways to prepare cannabis to get a better high and extract more and more THC. Now, scientists are getting into the labs and have come out with a method to extract something that is nearly 99% THC. Like some alcohol, in order to obtain this level of purity, the THC must be distilled.

If you’re curious about THC distillate, you will find a guide in the following paragraphs as to how it is made, discussing dosage, ways to use it, and where it can be obtained. Read on to satisfy your curiosity and, perhaps, discover a new cannabis product that you can use.

How Is THC Distillate Different from Other Concentrates or Typical Bud? How is it Made?

How Is THC Distillate Different from Other Concentrates

It all comes down to potency. Your average flowers or buds generally come in at about 12% THC and can go up to 25% THC. Solvent-based concentrates like shatter or wax can come in at upwards of 80% THC. THC distillate is the Everclear of cannabis, at least for the main psychoactive cannabinoid.

Most concentrates like BHO (Butane Hash Oil) need a solvent to extract the THC from the plant. However, THC distillates are considered to be solvent free. Instead of using a solvent such as propane or butane, THC distillates are made using a process called “short path distillation.” Basically, it separates and refines molecules and contaminants and creates a clean, nearly clear concentrate.

In the process, heat vaporizes the THC or CBD from the plant. The vapor is collected in a cooling system and then eventually collected into beakers. This is repeated over and over again to create pure cannabinoids that are known colloquially as “the pure” or “the clear.” If you’ve ever used an essential oil, it’s the same process.  

Because of the amount of flowers needed, the machinery required, and the lengthy process to produce THC distillate, it is one of the most expensive concentrates on the market.

Is It Dangerous? What is the Dosage? 

Because of the purity of the concentrate and the nearly 100% amount of THC in the distillate, it is absolutely not recommended for beginners or first-time consumers. When it comes to dosage, you should follow the instructions of the package or the advice of the staff of the cannabis dispensary where you obtained the product. Needless to say, a little goes a very long way!

What Are the Differing Ways to Use THC Distillates?

What Are the Differing Ways to Use THC Distillates

The most common way to use THC distillate is to consume it using a dab rig, the same way one would ingest BHO or PHO. However, they do make and sell the product in cartridges for your e-pen or portable vaporizer. You can also use your concentrate vaporizer to consume THC Distillates in the same way that you would dabs or shatter or wax. Make sure that your e-pen, portable vaporizer, or desktop vaporizer is meant for the consumption of concentrates.

The THC in the distillate is considered “activated” so it can be used in recipes for edibles. This is another method to ingest the product if you are unable to smoke or vaporize it.

Where Can You Get It?

 In states where medical marijuana is legalized and in states where recreational marijuana is legalized, THC distillate can be obtained at cannabis dispensaries. It can also be purchased over the internet, but take care – it can only legally be shipped within or to states where medicinal or recreational cannabis is legal. Due to the extremely technical nature of the refining process and the machinery required to distill THC, it is recommended to exercise caution when purchasing it on the black market. Remember, cannabis is still illegal on a Federal level and in many states!

THC distillate is highly recommended for the experienced cannabis connoisseur to try. As the process gets more refined and scientists learn how to isolate and distill different cannabinoids, expect to see CBD and others on the market in distilled form.